27 Sep 2015

Finding a choral niche in the capital

From Standing Room Only, 1:34 pm on 27 September 2015

It's a brave choir that takes on the music of seminal musicians like David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac. You have to please people who know and love every note of the original version, yet put your own stamp on it.One of Wellington's newest choirs Supertonic whose singers are in the 20s to 30s age group, is taking on the challenge. While it's only been going since early last year, Supertonic's put on several concerts and been recorded by the sound wizards at Park Road Post. Founding member Evie Rainey and Supertonic's Music Director Isaac Stone explain why they started a new choir rather than join one of the many existing ones in the Capital. The choir's next concert 'Fighting in the Dancehall' is on Saturday 3 October at The Hunter Lounge in Wellington.