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12:36 How will the arts cope with Covid-19 cancellations?

This week the full effect of the Covid-19 outbreak on the arts has really been revealed. 

Theatre shows, concerts, arts and comedy festivals have been put off, or cancelled. 

It leaves many artists, who often live from gig to gig, out of pocket. 

Associate Culture and Heritage Minister Grant Robertson has expressed his concern for the sector, and has intimated more support will be coming. 

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1:10 At The Movies

Simon reviews Dark waters, Bloodshot and Downhill

1.32  The cinema with no films

Right now the cinemas are staying open - just.   The problem isn't just the fact that all the big titles have been pulled.  Now it seems that just about any sized film has been withdrawn - even an already-released hit like Military wives.

So what is it like right now for a popular suburban cinema/cafe like Brooklyn, Wellington's Penthouse?  I'm joined by the owner operator Iain McLeod to look at the present and the future of film-going in New Zealand.

Cinema seating

Cinema seating Photo: (Photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash)

1:43 The latest web-series from Flat 3 Productions, Meme 

You could be forgiven for thinking there's a pitched battle between the Baby Boomer Generation and the Millennial one.  There probably isn't, but both generations are seemingly so obsessed with themselves that they probably wish there was.

If you want to know what makes Millennials tick - this is the current theory at any rate - you have to go online and chase up all those local web-series.  

And there's no web-series so millennial as the latest from the queens of the genre, Flat 3 Productions.  The latest is called Meme, you can watch it here

Simon speaks to Flat 3's JJ Fong and Ally Xue. 

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2:06 The Laugh Track - Audrey Porne 

Audrey Porne is a comedian, twitter sensation and improviser based in Christchurch. 

She's won awards for her work, taking out the South Island Breakthrough Comedian prize at last year's Comedy Guild Awards. 

Her new show The Porne Identity does not feature pornography, but does include tales of disconcerting first dates, eating cigarettes at parties so boys will leave her alone, and questionable hobbies. 

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2:25 Photographer Laurence Aberhart returns to Whanganui 

He was the first ever artist-in-residence at Whanganui's Tylee Cottage, and now, 34 years later, Laurence Aberhart is the first to return.    

Laurence first spent time at the cottage in 1986, and photographed Whanganui buildings like the Sarjeant Gallery and Savage Club. 

The Sarjeant Gallery now holds many of those key works in its collection.

2:40 Adele Broadbent and Diana Noonan on writing for today's teens 

Writers of fiction for young adults explore themes that are universal in nature but often most poignant in young people finding their way in the world. 

Two new books by New Zealand authors Half my Life by Diana Noonan and Adele Broadbent's If Only are very different stories, but with similar threads within them. 

Standing Room Only producer Laura Dooney spoke to Adele and Diana about their new books and the issues they look at, and what writing for teens is like in 2020. 

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2:49 Restoring Granity's Lyric Theatre 

Volunteers in a small West Coast town have been working hard to restore a heritage theatre. 

The Lyric Theatre stands in the heart of Granity, a small seaside mining town about a half hour north of Westport. 

The site of the theatre has a complex history, of buildings before it falling to fire or ruin over the years - before what now stands was built in 1956. 

In 2014 the theatre lost its roof in Cyclone Ita.  

Since then volunteers have been working hard to restore not only the roof, but to make sure the building meets the building standards. 

The theater has also been re-wired, had new toilets put in, and been painted inside and out. 

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3:06 Drama at 3 - 'Wheelers' Luck' 


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