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12:30 Not Your Average Instagram Entertainment

From Monday morning, Kiwi performers will be presenting original work to the nation via Silo Theatre’s Instagram account.  And they’re getting paid for it. 

It’s Silo’s way of getting some money into the pockets of performers who’re facing lean times during the Covid-19 lockdown, and of entertaining New Zealanders who’re in self isolation. 

Lynn talks to Sophie Roberts, artistic director at Silo and to the first of the selected  Instagram artists.

Sophie Roberts, artistic director at Silo Theatre

Sophie Roberts, artistic director at Silo Theatre Photo: Supplied/Silo Theatre

12.40 Flash Fiction

Tracey Slaughter

Tracey Slaughter Photo: Supplied/Flash Fiction

This time of imposed home time is the perfect opportunity to dust off that unfinished painting, sculpture, music score, poem or book.

But if taking on a big project is a bit much, how about trying your hand at flash fiction – writing a story in up to 300 words.

The National Flash Fiction Day competition is open for submissions until the 15th of April and we thought we’d bring it your attention with three and a half weeks to go of self isolation.

To explain how it works, Lynn speaks to Tracey Slaughter who was one of the judges for the 2018 competition and she runs the Waikato event.


12.50 NZ On Air's New CEO Outlines its COVID-19 Response

NZ on Air is promising those who rely on it for funding that it will be responsive and innovative over the weeks and months to come, with COVID-19 seeing planned productions around the country shutting down indefinitely. 

Cameron Harland is the funding body’s new CEO. He only started on the job on Tuesday and says it is thinking hard about how it can do things differently through these tough times. 

Cameron Harland of NZ on Air

Cameron Harland of NZ on Air Photo: Copyright 2013

1:10 At The Movies

1:33  Emotionally Powerful Play Wins 2020 Adam NZ Play Award

“So realistic that it hurts" is one of the judge’s comments for the script that’s won this year’s Adam NZ Play Award

The Play Award is for a script that’s yet to be produced on stage. We talk to the 2020 winner after the official announcement.

1.40  Mikaela Nyman’s Story of Resourcefulness Forged In Isolation 

Set on Vanuatu immediately after Cateogry 5 Tropical Cyclone Pam in March 2015, Mikaela Nyman’s novel Sado is the story of an isolated community and its residents  coping - and not - when put under extreme pressure. The book is published by VUP. 

Mikaela Nyman

Mikaela Nyman Photo: Ebony Lamb Photography

1.50 MusicHelps Wellbeing Service Offers Lifeline to Wider Arts Community

Peter Dickens

Peter Dickens Photo: Supplied/MusicHelps

Artists and performers who’re struggling emotionally during the COVID-19 now have access to a counselling service that up until now has been focussed on helping our music industry.MusicHelps is extending its services to the broader arts community because of the unprecedented impact that COVID-19 has had on the performing arts. 

The MusicHelps Wellbeing Service is a FREE 24/7 online, on the phone (tollfree 0508MUSICHELP), and in-person counselling service. People who work in the Arts Community, including comedians, actors, technicians, festival staff and crew, venue staff, and more people in the arts industry who have had their livelihoods affected, can now access the MusicHelps Wellbeing Service. 

Information regarding COVID-19 related cancellations, postponements, and other changes can be found in a specific section on the MusicHelps website  

Lynn talks to Peter Dickens, the General Manager of MusicHelps. 

2.45 How Audio Books Are Made

Theo Gibson the CEO and Creative Director of Audiobooks NZ

Theo Gibson the CEO and Creative Director of Audiobooks NZ Photo: Supplied/Audiobooks NZ

Long before podcasts there were audio books and they continue to be popular with people who are unable to read, or want to consume books while on the move. 

In the coming weeks of self isolation, audio books will be a lifeline for many people, especially those traditional subscribers who’re vision impaired. 

On the line is Theo Gibson who’s the CEO and Creative Director of Audiobooks NZ, and one of his narrators, Romy Hooper.


3:06 Drama at 3