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12:36  Nga Taonga celebrates new premises with a new show

Never before seen film of the 1931 Napier earthquake aftermath will go on show at the first exhibition Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision is putting on at its new headquarters at the National Library in Wellington.

Restoring the nitrate film by Whanganui man Thomas H. Whetton has been a massive undertaking for the team of experts, after it was offered to the film and audio archive in large piles of heavily corroded containers.

Among the other highlights of the show Rust and Restoration is the oldest recording Nga Taonga holds of "God Defend New Zealand" being sung in te reo Māori.  It was recorded at Hiruharama School near Ruatōria in 1939:

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision only moved into the new premises on Monday.  Lynn Freemen was shown around by Acting Chief Executive Honiana Love, and Kate Button, the Principal Project Manager Public Programmes.

Rust and Restoration opens at the National Library in Wellington on the 11th of October.

12:45 Christine Leunens' novel now an acclaimed Taika movie 

Christine Leunens' novel Caging Skies was released eleven years ago to rave reviews - at home in New Zealand and overseas.  It's since been translated into twenty languages. Set in Austria during the Second World War, it offers that very rare thing - the point of view of a keen young member of the Hitler Youth.

But one thing it isn't is wacky - and it seemed an odd choice for comedy master Taika Waititi to adapt as his latest film Jojo Rabbit.

But is it such a stretch for Taika to tackle some weighty subjects, assisted by an A-List cast, including Scarlett Johanssen, Sam Rockwell and young Kiwi star Thomasin McKenzie?   Simon Morris asked Christine Leunens when Taika first expressed an interest in the novel Caging Skies?

Jojo Rabbit opens around the country on Oct 24.

1:10 At The Movies

Simon Morris reviews Ad Astra, Good boys and the documentary Maiden.

1:31 Samoan choreographer Tupe Lualua

Tupe Lualua

Tupe Lualua Photo: supplied

Choreographer Tupe Lualua is working with young Sāmoan men - aumaga - to create a dance work that will shine a light on their invaluable contribution to  traditional  village society. 

Tupe is Creative New Zealand's current Sāmoa Artist in Residence and is briefly home before returning to Samoa to complete the work. 

She has often travelled to Samoa with her dance company Le Moana in the past, working with communities and local schools.  You can see some of their work here.

This time her dancers are local students and the aumaga themselves.

Lynn Freeman asked Tupe why she feels men's roles in village life has been overlooked.

If Tupe Lualua's funding application comes through, she plans to bring some of her dancers here to Aotearoa after the work premieres in Samoa in November. 

1:50  Expat opera star Madeleine Pierard returns home

Madeleine Pierard

Madeleine Pierard Photo: supplied

Dramatic coloratura soprano and astute businesswoman Madeleine Pierard has returned home from London to perform in NZ Opera's new production of The Turn of the Screw.

Henry James' famous and terrifying ghost story is perfect operatic fare, accompanied by the menacing music of Benjamin Britten.

A young governess arrives at a remote country house but her absent employer has left her only written instructions, including that she's not to contact him.   

Madeleine Pierard's proven her vocal dexterity in a huge range of roles and when she's not on stage, she's supporting young mothers who're trying to juggle both responsibilities, and transcribing and arranging music.

Lynn Freeman asked Madeleine what makes this production of The Turn of the Screw worth being separated from her young family for two months.

It opens on Thursday 3rd of October at the Opera House in Wellington before heading to Auckland.  And just a note - it's recommended for 15 years and older.

2:06 The Laugh Track - improviser Lyndon Hood

Lyndon Hood

Lyndon Hood Photo: supplied

The New Zealand Improv Festival is celebrating its 11th birthday by expanding its run from its usual one week to a triumphant two.  There will be guests from all over the country, and all over the world - the UK, Australia, Canada, Osaka...   There's even a full show in Mandarin.

Representing Wellington - and the English language - is Lyndon Hood, whose show has the no-surprises title The Exciting Battle between a Goodie and a Baddie that Almost Ends Badly but Ends Happily.  Lyndon Hood is our guest on the Laugh Track.

His picks include John Finnemore, John Clarke, Michelle Wolf and Peter Cook.

The Improv Festival takes place at Wellington's Bats Theatre from Oct 7 to Oct 19.

2:25 Textile artist - and comedian - Lauren Sinner

Improv comedian and professional embroiderer - unlikely companions on a single CV but it's what you find on Lauren Sinner's.

The American fabric artist is in Wellington on a residency at the New Zealand Pacific Studio in the Wairarapa.

She's gathering material for the Surface Design Journal that she co-edits, preparing for a special feature on  New Zealand-based textile artists next year.  

Lauren's also busy creating her own work, taking inspiration from punk music, botanical illustrations, childrens' books, comedy shows - and now also from New Zealand.

She describes her mother as an obsessive quilter and embroiderer.  Lynn Freeman asked if she relates to Lauren's expressive and unconventional embroideries:

Incidentally, if you're worried that South Island embroiderers won't be represented in the New Zealand articles in Lauren's journal, fear not.  Her co-editor spent several weeks in the South earlier in the year meeting textile artists.

2:40 Frankie McMillan and the Father of Octopus Wrestling

Frankie McMillan

Frankie McMillan Photo: supplied

No caption

Photo: supplied

Just weeks after launching her fifth collection of prose poetry and short fiction, Frankie McMillan heard she'd won a fellowship that will help her finish her next book.

It's going to be a novella set in a  New Zealand church-run children's home, looking at the lives of both the children and staff.

The New Zealand Society of Authors'  Peter & Dianne Beatson Fellowship has come at the perfect time for the busy Christchurch writer, whose made her name as a 'maestro of flash fiction'.

Lynn Freeman talked with Frankie McMillan about her latest collection with the intriguing name he Father of Octopus Wrestling.

The Father of Octopus Wrestling by Frankie McMillan is published by Canterbury University Press with support from Creative New Zealand.

2:49 Flash fiction star Dione Jones turns to long-form

Dione Jones

Dione Jones Photo: supplied

Another master of ultra short fiction - and a former winner of the annual National Flash Fiction competition - is English born, Auckland-based Dione Jones.

Now she's embraced long-form writing to produce her first novel The Alexandrite.

On the grounds of a run down British stately home, a dead stranger with a cryptic letter in his pocket sets off a chain of events for the estranged family.

The Alexandrite is also takes place in New Zealand, with the action taking place over several different time periods. Dione shares some of the secrets of the novel with Lynn Freeman

The Alexandrite by Dione Jones is published by Cloud Ink Press.

3:06 Drama at 3 - Rutherford by Stuart Main

New Zealand atomic physicist Ernest Rutherford during a visit home to New Zealand in 1926. Photograph by courtesy of the Cawthorn Institute, Nelson, New Zealand.

New Zealand atomic physicist Ernest Rutherford during a visit home to New Zealand in 1926. Photograph by courtesy of the Cawthorn Institute, Nelson, New Zealand. Photo: Photo12 / Ann Ronan Picture Library via AFP

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