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12:15 Facing Change - Documentary Photographer Maggie Steber

Maggie Steber is an American multi-award winning photographer who has focused on humanitarian, cultural and social stories in 64 countries. In 2013 Steber was named as one of eleven Women of Vision by National Geographic Magazine. Steber has published photo essays on subjects ranging from the African slave trade and the Cherokee Nation, to soldiers' letters and the science of memory. That last series included revealing photographs of her mother Madje's struggle with dementia. Steber is a member of Facing Change Documenting America, a group of civic-minded photographers covering important American issues. Our gallery includes recent provocative shots from a series The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma - Lily being her alter ego. Steber is in New Zealand for the Auckland Festival of Photography and spoke to Lynn Freeman.


12:30 A Musical Crossroads-  Capturing Tha' Freestyle

In just three minutes the team behind a Loaded Docs proposal aim to tell the story of Kas Futialo, a.k.a. 'Tha Feelstyle', and the way he brings together traditional Samoan music and Western hip-hop. Kas Futialo raps in Samoan and English and has been making music since the late 1980s and the Crossroads team will accompany him back to Samoa next month for a big concert there. Loaded Docs challenge is to encapsulate big stories in short short films. At the moment this year's selected teams are trying to raise at least $2000 through crowdfunding on Boosted. Lynn Freeman spoke to the director of The Crossroads, musician and music video producer Sani Sagala and to Aaron Taouma who's producing this film.


12.40 On the Road Again - Midge Marsden

Midge Marsden and band

Midge Marsden and band Photo: Provided

Talk of New Zealand's "King" of the Blues Midge Marsden retiring after 50 years in the business and playing thousands of concerts around the country is just a little premature. Midge is again on tour at the moment - we caught up in Napier on Friday - and he's making his way to Wellington for a gig with the Rodger Fox Big Band at the Wellington Jazz Festival. He's both on the road and has produced a double CD retrospective.

Midge received the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2016 and was voted New Zealand Entertainer of the Year in 1990.


1:10 At The Movies 

Simon Morris is back, this week: Solo tells the story of Star Wars favourite Han Solo - the early years, The Bookshop and Kodachrome.


1.33 A Picture Paints Some Medical Words -  Dr Sam Murton

GP and Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago in Wellington Dr Sam Murton produces drawings and videos for patients and puts them up on YouTube to help understanding of medical terms and procedures. Now, she wants to track down other health practitioners who blend art and explanation for her PhD research. She spoke to Lynn Freeman.


1:50 Targeting people - German photojournalist Herlinde Koelbl

Since the 1980s German photojournalist Herlinde Koelbl has got people talking about difficult issues... from the plight of refugees to the aging body, to how politics change a person's physique. She's also renowned for her portraits including 26 years of photographing the notoriously private German Chancellor Angela Merkel - from her early years as a shy young politician to now. Merkle is part of a series Traces of Power.

Koelbl is regarded as a pioneer of photo journalism - often doing in depth interviews of her subjects. She is in Auckland as a guest of the city's Festival of Photography, showing recent work of soldiers in different countries  -  images specifically of how the enemy is portrayed to soldiers during military target practice. Lynn Freeman spoke to her for Standing Room Only.


2:06 The Laugh Track - Stephen Brunton and Blair Strang

This Sunday's Laugh Track guests are actors and the men behind Sapphire Productions Stephen Brunton and Blair Strang, who premiere Albert Belz's play Morningstar at Auckland's Pumphouse Theatre this month. A play about God's dysfunctional family of angels, with archangels Michael and Lucifer trying to patch things up, Stephen and Blair's Laugh Track choices are Pablo Francisco, Stewart Francis, Jimeoin and Ricky Jervais


2:25 The Mood Machine -  Emma Ng and Hera Lindsay Bird

If a friendly looking machine on the side of the road asked you to describe your mood, right now, what would it be? And if you were prepared to take the next step, and press the button with that mood emblazoned on it, would you? If you come across The Mood Machine it will reward your bravery with a piece of art and some writing to match your mood. Artist Emma Ng and poet Hera Lindsay Bird invited young creatives to contributes art and poems for The Mood Machine which will be popping up in in secret locations across Auckland city as part of the Satellites Festival. Emma and Hera spoke to Lynn Freeman.


2:40 Levi's War -  Julie Thomas

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Photo: Provided

Julie Thomas has brought out the final book in her popular series about the Horowitzes, Levi's War (Harper Collins). The trilogy started with The Keeper of Secrets. Set in Nazi Germany, it was the story of a rare violin and 18 year old Simon Horowitz. Rachel's Legacy came next - and now Levi's War completes the family story. In the new book Levi is recruited to spy for England during the war, after having fled there from Germany. The young homosexual Jewish pianist becomes a favourite with the Fuhrer. Lynn Freeman called Julie in Putaruru, a rural town near Taupo.


2:49 My Heels Are Killing Me

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Photo: Provided

Sonia Sly meets DJ Sir-Vere to talk about Sneakerhead culture in this episode of RNZ podcast series My Heels Are Killing Me.


“Fashion is identity in hip hop,” says Auckland-based Phil Bell aka DJ Sir-Vere who owns more than 500 pairs of sneakers. As a self-described “sneakerhead” he has been collecting sneakers for 25 years and today his collection fills two storage units - he could switch pairs once a day and still not wear the same shoe for almost a year.




3:06 Drama at 3

Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You (And You Can Be Too) is our satirical series that masquerades as a self-improvement guide. Today  'Everyone Needs An Executive Assistant'. The theme for this episode is all an elaborate ploy by Dexter to interview the executive assistant of the woman he has fallen for, Sharon Doyle. During this interview Dexter obtains information about Sharon's likes, dislikes and most importantly the name of the conference she will soon be attending. Dex sets a plan in motion to surprise Ms. Doyle with a visit.

Then its time to continue our series on  the life of 'Te Wherowhero' the man who became the first Maori king with Selwyn Muru. In this episode Te Wherowhero faces two new enemies:  Ngapuhi chief, Hongi Hika, and his new European weapon, the musket.


Music this week - our theme, sneakers

Artist: Run DMC

Song: My Adidas

Composer: Darryl McDaniels

Album: Walk This Way The Best Of Run-DMC

Label: Camden

Played at: 12.10pm


Artist: Steely Dan

Song: Bad Sneakers 

Composer: Walter Becker, Donald Fagen

Album: Katy Lied

Label: ABC Records

Played at: 12.25pm


Artist: Tha Freestyle

Song: Su'amalie/I Ain't Mad at You

Composer: K. Futialo - I. Seumanu

Album: n/a

Label: Festival Mushroom

Played at: 12.35pm


Artist: Midge Marsden

Song: Burning Rain

Composer: Midge Marsden

Album: Burning Rain

Label: Epic

Played at: 12.45pm



Artist: Nelly

Song: Air Force Ones

Composer: n/a

Album: Nellyville

Label: Universal

Played at: 12.58pm


Artist: Opiou

Song: Sneakers 

Composer: Opiou

Album: Omniversal

Label: Slurp Music

Played at: 1.09pm


Artist: Sneaker Peeps

Song: 6 Underground

Composer: John Barry, Chris Corner, Liam Howe, Ian D. Pickering

Album: Becoming X

Label: Clean Up

Played at: 1.45pm


Artist: You Am I

Song: Purple Sneakers

Composer: Rusty Hopkinson, Andy Kent and Tim Rogers

Album: Hi Fi Way

Label: Warner Bros

Played at: 1.58pm


Artist: The Pack

Song: Vans

Composer: n/a

Album: Based Boys

Label: Up All night/Jive

Played at: 2.04pm


Artist: Tommy Tucker

Song: Hi Heel sneakers

Composer: Robert Higginbotham

Album: Hi Heel sneakers

Label: Checker

Played at: 2.35pm


Artist: All Stars  

Song: Sneakers

Composer: All Stars

Album: All Stars (soundtrack)

Label: Transmission Recordings

Played at: 2.58pm


Artist: Sneakerhead   

Song: Mistah FAB

Composer: n/a

Album: The Grind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Label: Black Armor

Played at: 3.04pm


Artist: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis  

Song: Wings

Composer: Ben Haggerdy, Ryan Lewis and Hollis Wong-Wear

Album: The Heist

Label: Macklemore

Played at: 3.28pm


Artist: Raekwon

Song: Sneakers

Composer: n/a

Album: Immobilarity

Label: Epic

Played at: 3.57pm