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12:15 Park Road Post: A New Breed of Hero

Almost 20 years ago now, Park Road Post forged its name on the international scene working on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Their big project this year is Mortal Engines, but just as close to their heart is one on the intimate art film end of the spectrum, which they worked on a part of an international crew back in 2015, and is only now getting the international release they believe it deserves.

It’s a special animated Islamic film called Balal: A New Breed of Hero, about the little boy who was abducted into slavery, but held onto his dreams and fought for freedom - and not just his own.

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Lynn Freeman heads to Park Road Post Production in Wellington to meet the crack sound team that worked on Balal: Martin Kwok Stephen Gallagher Mike Hedges and Hayden Collow. They’re the same team that brought us Wolf Warrior two, one of the highest grossing movies of all time. Currently they’re heads down in the world of Mortal Engines, but had time to talk about the job of a sound editor in the 21st century.

On Standing Room Only we're keen to feature more interviews with creatives who prefer to work behind the scenes so if you would like to nominate some unsung heroes in the arts and entertainment industries let us know = email or text 2101 this afternoon.



Toi Art

Lisa Walker, What Karl didn’t take with him, 2010, Te Papa collection.

Lisa Walker, What Karl didn’t take with him, 2010, Te Papa collection. Photo: Lisa Walker

In a matter of weeks Te Papa will do the big reveal for its new art gallery space, spanning two floors of the museum. One of the exhibitions selected to launch the new space is a 30 year retrospective by Wellington jeweller, Lisa Walker, who uses unconventional materials to fashion remarkable jewellery.

We're talking seriously unconventional...from outdated cell phones to taxidermied ducklings and a host of other curiosities. Lisa honed her craft while living in Germany. Her work is now in many private and public collections and sold around the world, and she tells us about it in the middle of the Island Bay studio space that she shares with her jeweller husband Karl Fritsch.


1:10 At The Movies

The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water Photo: Supplied

Dan Slevin reviews the latest movies for us over the next three weeks on At The Movies, while Simon Morris has several cups of tea and a lie-down following a big summer of Matinee Idle. This week: The Commuter, Maze Runner and Oscar favourite The Shape of Water, plus the Dystopian film festival on around the country for the next month.



Gisborne taonga

Eloise Wallace

Eloise Wallace Photo: Supplied

Gisborne's Tairāwhiti  Museum has big plans for next year's 250th  commemorations of Captain Cook's landing, the first meeting between Maori and Europeans and the bigger story of what happened before and afterwards.

The small museum's already gone through several years of big changes including an extension, renovation of the earliest remaining settler's cottage on the grounds and better protection for its taonga in storage.

Lynn  Freeman met museum director Eloise Wallace at Tairāwhiti Museum to find out what they have planned for 2019, and what makes it special.



Vivienne Plumb: Creative NZ writer in Berlin

Playwright, poet and fiction writer Vivienne Plumb is currently in Berlin, unearthing a secret.

Vivienne Plumb

Vivienne Plumb Photo: Vivienne Plumb

It’s for the Creative NZ writer’s residency in Berlin, the latest in several residencies that she has held as far as the universities of Iowa (2004) and Hong Kong (2006) as well as all around New Zealand.  Recent publications of hers include As Much Gold as an Ass Could Carry, a collection of her poetry, plays and short prose that was launched at the LA Book Fair in February 2017: her Diary as a Positive in Female Adult Behavior has been translated into Polish, and her plays are performed around the world.

It’s writing that highlights the fantastic and miraculous in everyday experience, and she has won numerous awards for it, from the 1998 NZ Poetry Society International Poetry prize to the Bruce Mason award.

She also has a love for secrets. Her first novel was entitled Secret City (2003) and on this residency she is investigating her mother’s secret life in Germany as a young woman, in the years before the second world war – a secret that not even her own family knew about ….


2:06 The Laugh Track - Hannah Clarke

Hannah Clarke

Hannah Clarke Photo: Hannah Clarke

Our guest on the Laugh Track today is Hannah Clarke, Director of NZ Fringe in Wellington, or as she describes herself, “boss lady, performance facilitator, scapegoat for technicalities and terrible at following the rules.” Coming to full-time art making with a marketing and information management background, a theatre degree from Vic Uni, and an inclination toward risky beautiful wild creations, Hannah has been behind Fringe since 2011, having spent eight years in front as an artist. She is still actively presenting new works through her production company Present Company Live at festivals around the world – you may have seen Puppet Fiction, the marionette comedy parody of Pulp Fiction. She shares her fave comedy clips.



Aspiring conversations

Lake Wanaka Tourism

Lake Wanaka Tourism Photo: Supplied

Each year Wanaka hosts Aspiring Conversations - a mix of topics and of New Zealand and international speakers.

In 2017 one of those topical conversations was about bikes. They're in the news a lot these days, with cities trying to find a way for cyclists and motorists to live together in harmony, and also the growing demand for electric bikes.

Laura Williamson is a Wanaka writer who edits the New Zealand mountain bike magazine Spoke and has written The Bike and Beyond: Life on Two Wheels in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Joining her - and filling in for long time cyclist Sir Lloyd Geering who had planned to talk about his book On Me Bike cycling Round New Zealand 80 years Ago.....was Scarlett Hagan, former junior world champion mountain biker who's now running a Bike School based in Dunedin. Lynn Freeman spoke to them both during last year’s Festival of Colour.


3:06 Drama at 3 -Melon Cauliflower

A poetic account of love and loss and one man's journey out to the edge of grief. Peter Vere-Jones features in a bravura performance as Prospero, a man in his late sixties who is struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife. By the award-winning writer of Faith, Tom McCrory.

Tom McCrory

Tom McCrory Photo: Supplied

Prospero: Peter Vere-Jones

Catherine: Miranda Harcourt

The Young Miranda: Davida McKenzie, Thomasin McKenzie

The Adult Miranda: Fleur Seville

Marion: Sophie Hambleton


Also featured:

Richard Chapman

Hugh McLaughlin

Anya Tate Manning

Rickie Day


Technical production: Phil Benge

Produced by Prue Langbein for RNZ National





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