28 Jan 2018

Aspiring conversations

From Standing Room Only, 2:31 pm on 28 January 2018

Each year Wanaka hosts Aspiring Conversations - a mix of topics and of New Zealand and international speakers. In 2017 one of those topical conversations was about bikes. They're in the news a lot these days, with cities trying to find a way for cyclists and motorists to live together in harmony, and also the growing demand for electric bikes. Laura Williamson is a Wanaka writer who edits the New Zealand mountain bike magazine Spoke and has written The Bike and Beyond: Life on Two Wheels in Aotearoa New Zealand. Joining her - and filling in for long time cyclist Sir Lloyd Geering who had planned to talk about his book On Me Bike cycling Round New Zealand 80 years Ago.....was Scarlett Hagan, former junior world champion mountain biker who's now running a Bike School based in Dunedin. Lynn Freeman spoke to them both during last year's Festival of Colour.