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12:15 Waru Through The Lens

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The New Zealand feature film Waru not only required eight, often quite inexperienced, women Maori directors to each come up with a 10-minute story, but each story had to be filmed in just one shot.  Simon Morris talks with Director of Photography, Drew Sturge, and camera operator Simon Tutty about the challenges and the successes of the film.

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12:30 The Portage Ceramic Awards

Forced Turn Teapot

Forced Turn Teapot Photo: supplied

The Portage Ceramic Awards have long been considered indicative of the health of ceramic arts in Aotearoa. The Awards, hosted be Te Uru, showcase the best in contemporary work and provide a platform for discussion and development for the ceramics community.

This year the Premier Award went to Wellington artist Richard Stratton who's been working internationally as a ceramics afrtist since he graduated from the Otago School of Arts in 1992.

His winning entry is called Forced turn teapot - which the judges described as a "deconstructed teapot inspired by historical ceramic practices".   Richard Stratton joins Simon Morris in the RNZ studio.

12:45 Furious Filmmaking

It's become one of the biggest - and most frenetic - events on the New Zealand film calendar - the annual 48 HOUR FILM CHALLENGE, where teams from all over the country are given specific themes, genres and props and a very limited time to make a movie.

Simon Morris finds out about this year's festival from the two women who pretty much run the event now - Ruth Korver and Vanessa Patea.

1:10 At The Movies

On At The Movies, Simon Morris looks at three films directed by women - Kathryn Bigelow's acclaimed Detroit…  English film Let me go, directed by documentary-maker Polly Steele…  and from France, Madame, starring Toni Colette and Harvey Keitel.

1:33 Making Light of Time

The most prolific partnership on our classical music scene, composer Ross Harris and poet Vincent O'Sullivan have been pouring out operas, songs, oratorios, even symphonies for some 13 years now after their first meeting at Victoria University.

This collaboration has now been marked with a new CD - Making Light of Time with the songs performed by Jenny Wollerman.  Charlotte Wilson spoke to Jenny, Ross and Vincent to find out what makes them click.

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1:50 Earthquakes In London

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Lynn Freeman caught up with Australian theatre director Katy Maudlin who is in Auckland at the moment working on a cautionary tale called Earthquakes in London.

Mike Bartlett's play spans 1968 to 2025.   It's about sustainability and climate change, and while it's now 7 years old, it's probably even more relevant now than ever.

Claire Duncan (Sound) Hayley Douglas (Costume) Katy Maudlin (Director) Rachel Marlow (Lighting) Chloe Alderton (Set)

Claire Duncan (Sound) Hayley Douglas (Costume) Katy Maudlin (Director) Rachel Marlow (Lighting) Chloe Alderton (Set) Photo: Photographer: George Wallace

2:06 The Laugh Track - Lauren Whitney

This week's Laugh Track guest is Lauren Whitney,  the new General Manager of The New Zealand Comedy Trust.


2:25 The Beat of The Pendulum

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Media headlines, social media posts, snatches of conversations - they're all part of the mix in the latest novel by writer Catherine Chidgey.

The Beat of the Pendulum she describes as a "Found Novel."

She tells Lynn Freeman that It's involved a year of gathering all the material she could, then honing it right down and structuring it in a way that tells a story.

2:40 Vanishing Points

Michele Leggott with her guide dog

Michele Leggott with her guide dog Photo: supplied

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As her vision fades, New Zealand's first Poet Laureate seems to see the world more clearly.

Michele Leggott, who received the Prime Minister's Award for Literary Achievement in Poetry in 2013 has just published Vanishing Points - a collection of poetry and prose.

It's also the third in a series of books where she reflects on her family history. She talks to Lynn Freeman.

2:50 My Heels Are Killing Me

A new eclecticism: New Zealand is a multicultural country and now the design landscape is becoming reflective of that change. On My Heels Are Killing Me Sonia Sly meets four designers to find out how their cultural heritage inspires and challenges them and why being 'different' is an asset in an industry that constantly demands new ideas.

Dan Roberts has an eye for candid street style

Dan Roberts has an eye for candid street style Photo: Dan Roberts @

3:06 Drama at 3 -  Episode 8 of 'LifeAfter' by Mack Rogers

Last week we met a huge gathering of bereaved people who are  'HereAfter' subscribers.

And Ross - working as a double-agent for the FBI-  watched as three volunteers  were subjected to what was called the 'Great Exchange' - a process which left them with no memory or willpower, their bodies controlled by 'HereAfter'.    
Ross offered to escort one of the three, a woman called Shannon - back to her home.  When he got into a taxi with her, he found the FBI team was there too.  And that's where the story continues today...

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3:30 The Essential Seekers

The first of five New Zealand plays in 'Words of Love' - a series  by the award-winning writer and actor, Fiona Samuel. The Essential Seekers features Brian Sergent as Mervyn who  is 27 and he's never, ever, cooked an aubergine. . . With Pat Evison as Mervyn's long-suffering Mum.



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