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Music played in this show

Artist: Lady Gaga
Song: Venus
Composer: Paul Blair, Lady Gaga, Hugo Leclercq, Nick Monson, Sun Ra, Dino Zisis
Album: ArtPop
Label: Interscope 375881
Played at: 12:12

Artist: Jenny and Johnny
Song: Just Like Zeus
Composer: Jenny Lewis & Johnathan Rice
Album: I'm Having Fun Now
Label: Warner 525076
Played at: 12:35

Artist: John Cale
Song: Helen of Troy
Composer: Cale
Album: Helen Of Troy
Label: Island 524235
Played at: 12:58

Artist: Paul Anka
Song: Diana
Composer: Anka,Arr Sherman
Album: Paul Anka
Label: RCA 115093
Played at: 01:08

Artist: Tom Lehrer
Song: Oedipus Rex
Composer: Tom Lehrer
Album: Songs And More Songs By Tom Lehrer
Label: Rhino 72776    
Played at: 01:46

Artist: Toploader
Song: Achilles Heel
Composer: Toploader
Album: The Album
Label: EMI 810702
Played at: 01:58

Artist: Sam Cooke
Song: Cupid
Composer: Cooke
Album: Sam Cooke: The Man And His Music
Label: RCA 117127
Played at: 02:06

Artist: Flaming Youth
Song: Guide Me, Orion
Composer: Howard, Blaikley
Album: Ark 2
Label: Mason 385642
Played at: 02:35

Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Song: Valleys of Neptune
Composer: Hendrix
Album: Valleys of Neptune
Label: Sony 640562
Played at: 02:58

Artist: The Brunettes
Song: Sony 640562
Composer: Bree
Album: Mars Loves Venus
Label: Capitol 594035
Played at: 03:57