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12:42 Treasures of the New Zealand Gazette

In its hundreds of thousands of pages published over 175 years, the New Zealand Gazette contains unexplored treasures for historians and genealogists. Amongst the official Government notices and proclamations which, it's true, can be on the dry side, are little nuggets of pure gold. The Gazettes went online back in 2014, but the bound copies of all the previous gazettes take up a fair chunk of space at the library, ready for researchers to explore. Lynn Freeman went to the National Library to talk to the publisher Michele Clarke and Manager, Bene Anderson:

12:51 Copenhagen - designing a city to be liveable

Copenhagen us one of the world's most liveable cities - so just how have designers made it work so well and can we steal any of their ideas? Rasmus Frisk started up Copenhagen architecture and urban design practice Arki_lab, and says public design should be a democratic process. Rasmus is working with arts organisation The Letting Space to get Wellingtonians talking about their city's design...Lynn talks to Rasmus and the Letting Space's Sophie Jerram.

whit stillman

1:10 At The Movies

This week - The Legend of Tarzan, Dough and an interview with Whit Stillman, the director of Love and Friendship, which is based on an unpublished Jane Austen novella.

1:33 Creative activism - can art make a difference?

Can art change the world? Should art make us feel uncomfortable, make us think, make us ask questions? These were among the big ideas debated recently at a get together of New Zealand high school students who took part in a creative activism competition. They met in Wellington where creative thinkers and activists from around the world were beamed in via skype to take part in a conversation that ranged from global issues to very personal ones - like the cost that young people can pay for standing out from the crowd. Dr Elspeth Tilley from Massey University organised the conference, and Lynn Freeman went along to meet her and the students.

1:50 Variety - the classic silent movie gets a new, live score

The German silent masterpiece Variety was a smash hit around the world when it came out in 1925 - as much for its ground-breaking camera work as for its melodrama. Oddly it was all about show business... That's right, it's a sort of silent musical. Quite a challenge then for Joe Contag, who has been commissioned to provide the live music score for the film, as one of the highlights for the Wellington International Film Festival. Simon Morris talks to Joe Contag about the film and its new music.

2:06 The Laugh Track - Kate Louise Elliott

This week's guest is the new General Manager of the Wellington Fringe, Kate Louise Elliott.  Her picks include the Flight of the Conchords, Rowan Atkinson, Lucy Schmidt and Stayci Taylor and Weird Al Yankovic.

2:25 Fashion Photography

The fashion industry is fast and furious. For designers it means working at breakneck speed to produce collections at least one or two seasons ahead, and for fashion photographers it can be a dog-eat-dog world where there is an excess of talent and skill to meet demand. Sonia Sly finds out more about the reality for fashion photographers in the changing digital landscape in New Zealand.

2:41 The Revelations of Carey Ravine by Debra Daley

Journalist-turned-screenwriter and novellist Debra Daley has set her third bookThe Revelations of Carey Ravine in the midst of 1770s buccaneering London society. The Bay of Plenty-based writer has had a long fascination with British history, especially during a time when, as she tells Lynn Freeman, everything was for sale.

2:50 Sound domes

There's a new playground for sonic artists and composers who want to experiment with more than conventional musical instruments - the 'sound dome'. Auckland University's Dr John Coulter and Multimedia artist Tim Gruchy have been instrumental in getting the two high-tech, acoustically designed sound domes built. The large one is 14 metres in diameter and almost 8 metres high, complete with 18 loudspeakers, high-def image projectors, stage lighting and room for up to 200 people. John talks to Lynn Freeman about a specially composed sound work that's about to premiere in the smaller Performance Sound Dome.

3:06 Drama at 3 Rio Story

Today's drama takes us to Brazil for a story of love, vengeance and murder. Rio Story by Chris Thorpe is set in one of Rio de Janeiro's most crowded favelas, it revolves around a single day in the lives of two thieves, a crooked policeman, a charity worker, a priest, a blind revolutionary and a pregnant street-kid.