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Alice Mary Cooper

Alice Mary Cooper Photo: Cristina Todaro

12:40 Shakespeare at Auckland’s Pop-up Globe

Pop-up Globe is the world's first full-scale working replica of the second Globe theatre, and eight of Shakespeare's works will be performed in Auckland before it heads to another part of the world.

The pop up theatre is closely modelled on the original, and actors will work on a stage that's 360°, offering lots of opportunities to interact with the audience. Especially the groundlings, as most will be standing looking up at the stage.

Lynn Freeman met two of the directors: Ben Naylor (Romeo and Juliet), along Dr Miles Gregory (Twelfth Night) who's also the Pop-up Globe's artistic director.

1:10 Films with Dan Slevin

Widescreen’s Dan Slevin expounds on The Big Short, Brooklyn, and Quentin Tarantino's post-American civil war flick The Hateful Eight.

1:30 Defending the J.J.Mac.

 Can fantasy help us to understand things we’d rather not think about at all? That’s the question behind new play Defending the J.J. Mac, which opens soon in Auckland. Director Leon Wadham says the play, written by Beanie-Maryse Ridler, is possibly about a butterfly tamer who lives in a tree house – maybe - and addresses questions of mental health and grief using magical realism and imagination.

Defending the J.J. Mac

Defending the J.J. Mac Photo: Supplied

1:45 Sounds of the Outer Hebrides

 In the Outer Hebrides on Scotland's Western flank traditional Scottish music is hugely popular, but a whole new generation of artists with their own style are also finding a following with locals and tourists.

Willie Campbell is one of the most in demand new generation of musicians on the Isle of Lewes.

Willie Campbell

Willie Campbell Photo: Supplied

2:06 Goodie, Goodie! Python, Python! The Cambridge Circus tapes

The lost Cambridge Circus revue tapes from 1964 with John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Bill Oddie and Tim Brooke-Taylor, "Live from Christchurch" (5 of 5, NZBC).

2:45 Spooning

Wooden spoons are one of the most useful things in the kitchen even in these days of flash appliances.

Sam Keer teaches how to carve greenwood spoons at the Wellington’s Community Education Centre.

2:55 On This Day…

Standing Room Only heads back to a variety show from a hundred years ago that sounds like a must see.

3:06 Drama at 3

The first episodes of Poutama by Jamie McCaskill and The Buzz by Peter Bell. Poutama is the sequel to Skin Writing, and is set in a tattoo studio on K Road, while The Buzz is a light hearted political comedy about a grizzled, old school Minister of Education and an eager beaver, hopeful young teacher co-opted to be a "young face of education".

3:50 Building the butterfly (stroke)

A fascination with the lives and achievements of early Australian women swimmers comes through in a solo play by Australian writer and actor Alice Mary Cooper.

In her show Waves, which she's bringing to the New Zealand Festival as well as the Auckland Arts Festival, Alice imagines how a woman on an Australian island invents the butterfly stroke by swimming with fish and penguins.

Alice Mary Cooper

Alice Mary Cooper Photo: Cristina Todaro

Music played in this show

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