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12:39 Jack Buchanan

Wellington actor and satirist Jack Buchanan reflects on the election results. Jack made headlines recently with his YouTube send up of the political leaders.

Christian Penny12:47 Toi Whakaari-Victoria University directing course

Should a review of the Toi Whakaari-Victoria University directing course causes concerns for the future – we hear from Christian Penny, Director of Toi Whakaari.

1:10  At the Movies with Simon Morris

The skeleton twins shows the power of good scripts, great acting and terrible music!

Dr HM Hinz1:34 Illegal art trafficking

A specialist in helping to protect museum and art gallery treasures from natural disasters and illegal art trafficking, Dr  Hans-Martin Hinz, has some cautionary tales and lots of good advice for our cultural institutions.

1:47 Audio Culture

Audio Culture – a website that started because rock historian Simon Grigg found a lot of holes in our musical history.

Simon Grigg
Photo by Stuart Page

Toby Leach2:05 The Laugh Track

Theatre Director and actor, Toby Leach, talks about his latest project, bringing Everest Untold to the Q Theatre stage.

2:26 Janus Press: The New Zealand Connection

For more than fifty years, Janus Press in the United States has been turning out highly-designed, handmade editions that are more like sculptures than books. They’ve published several Kiwi authors works too and Objectspace Gallery in Auckland is staging an exhibition of some privately owned examples. Justin Gregory went to see the books before they go on display.

Janus Press

Ron Sang2:38 Ron Sang

We find out how Ron Sang manages to combine a busy career as an architect with being a contemporary art collector, award winning writer and publisher.

2:49 David Trubridge

Furniture designer David Trubridge on his dream of helping to protect an traditional Pacific raft thofotho from being forgotten.

David Trubridge

3:05 The Drama Hour

A post-election special, because, with the arrival of the dirty politics ruckus, the play became a bit too ‘hot’ (politically speaking) to be played prior to polling day. It’s God Knows, a new political farce by Joe Musaphia.