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12:40 Walters Art Prize

Two years ago artist Kalisolaite ‘Uhila outraged Pakuranga by living as a homeless person outside Te Tuhi Gallery. He wore a black face mask, slept rough, ate only donated food, was spat at and had the police called to remove him. That two-week work about prejudice has been named as a finalist in the Walters Art Prize for 2014  and ‘Uhila will recreate the performance outside the Auckland Art Gallery. But this time he’ll do it for three months. In the dead of winter.

12:50 Hope and Wire

Lyttelton singer-songwriter Adam McGrath talks about sdongwriting, free concerts after the Christchurch earthquakes, and lending his song – and its title – to TV mini-series Hope and Wire.

1:10 At The Movies with Simon Morris

Simon Morris looks at Taika Waititi’s much-anticipated, What We Do In The Shadows, as well as France’s most successful comedy in years, The Volcano and two smaller American films, The Face Of Love and Any Day Now.

1:34 Carving the Family Stone

Living on house boats and travelling extensively to India, Panama, Tahiti and Japan in search of precious gems…this was the childhood of Zoe, Morgan and Ruth Sibbald— the siblings behind international jewellery brand Zoe & Morgan. Established in London by Zoe and her brother Morgan ten years ago, the brand quickly caught the attention of high-end department stores in Europe after winning a spot at Paris Fashion week. Settling back in her home town of Auckland a few years ago, Zoe works out of a stylish retail studio space based at The City Works Depot. The siblings are based in different parts of the world and production is spread across Bali, New Zealand, Thailand and England.

Sibbald Family Jewels

1:48 NZ On Screen

In her monthly dip into the TV archives, Irene Gardiner celebrates the anniversary of one of our more significant political events – the 1984 General Election.

2:04 The Laugh Track

Guests on the Laugh Track are the publicists for Taika Waititi’s hit movie What we do in the shadows, Chris Henry and Anna Dean – both fans of New Zealand web-series.

2: 26 Sins and Surveys

What’s the worst sin you’ve ever committed? The Outfit Theatre Company of Auckland want to know and then want to put your shame up on the stage. Their new devised show, called Sin, is based on dozens of interviews, online surveys and anonymous offerings from the public. Director Sarah Graham talks about how they got their interviewees to open up.

Outfit Theatre Company

Sarah Quigley2:40 Books: Sarah Quigley

Author Sarah Quigley has just published a new collection of short stories. Called Tenderness, the stories are linked by themes of love and intimacy as well as friendship and yes, tenderness. It’s a change of pace for Sarah whose 2011 novel, The Conductor, told the story of the premiere of Shostakovich’s Seventh Symphony during the Siege of Stalingrad. Justin Gregory asked her if, after finishing The Conductor, she was in need of some tenderness herself.

2:50 Happy Birthday Howick Little Theatre!

Sixty years have passed since founder Alma Woods advertised in the paper for folks interested in forming an amateur company. Justin Gregory went out to the Howick Little Theatre in East Auckland earlier this week to meet some longstanding members and find out how they’ve survived for so long. He asked who had been there the longest. Sheila Parks put up her hand.

Howick Little Theatre group

3:00 The Drama Hour

The Shakespeare Project with Monologues by Paul Waggott and Jim Moriarty
Part Three of Encore – The Story of New Zealand Theatre by Lynn Freeman
Part Three of An Extraordinary Rendition by Steve Danby