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12:43 Watch out Scotland

We meet members of the biggest ever Kiwi contingent to be invited to take part in the Edinburgh Festivals – the Fringe, the International Festival and the Tattoo.

Cath Cardiff and Peter Wilson
Cath Cardiff and Peter Wilson

12:55 Competition

We reveal the winner of this week’s public art appreciation competition.

Gallery: Some of the competition entries 

1:10 At the Movies with Simon Morris

1:35 Ralph Fiennes

The multi-faceted Ralph Fiennes chats to Simon about the new film he’s directed and stars in as Charles Dickens, it’s called The Invisible Woman.

Ralph Fiennes acting in and directing The Invisible Woman

1:53 Laugh Until It Doesn't Hurt

It’s a cliché that every comic has a dark heart but this year’s NZ International Comedy Festival might just prove it once and for all. Death, divorce and life changing illness, it’s all in there. Justin Gregory talks to three different comedians whose shows take a walk on the not so sunny side of the street. First up is Brit Carey Marx whose show Intensive Carey is all about coming back from what doctors thought was a series of heart attacks.

Markus Birdman Carey Marx and Jamie Bowen
Markus Birdman, Carey Marx and Jamie Bowen

Web-only audio

Jamie Bowen talks to Justin Gregory about his new show, Heart Goes Boom, written about the death of his father from cancer.

Tim Batt2:05 The Laugh Track

Kiwi comedian Tim Batt.

2:26 Writers and Readers Week

Highlights from a panel recorded during Writers and Readers Week in Wellington in March, talking about turning New Zealand history into theatre productions. The playwrights are Michelanne Forster, Stuart Hoar, Briar Grace Smith and chair, Dave Armstrong.

3:05 The Drama Hour:  Dean Parker’s 25th of April: A True Fiction about a Gallipoli deserter who became a figurehead of a protest movement advocating New Zealand’s withdrawal from World War One.