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Claire Regnault cropped12:43 Donor expectations

We ask what rights you have when you donate items to institutions like Te Papa, and find out if donor’s expectations match the reality. Te Papa’s Senior Curator Creative Industries, Claire Regnault (right), is tasked with choosing from the hundreds of items offered to the collection every year.

1:10 Movie reviews

Alexander Bisley reviews Blue is the Warmest Colour, Dallas Buyers Club and Labor Day.

1:31 The 'Loading Docs' initiative

A crowd-funding scheme will see 10 new innovative Kiwi documentary shorts hit our computer screens in May – well that’s if the public is prepared to chip in too. It’s part of the ‘Loading Docs’ initiative. One of the 10 is Joel Kefali, who directed the award-winning video for Lorde’s Grammy winning song 'Royals'.

Joel cropped
Joel Kefali with his grandfather Sol.

1:41 Lashings of Whipped Cream - A Session with a Teenage Dominatrix

Twenty years ago, Fiona Samuel dominated the stage in her play, Lashings of Whipped Cream – A Session with a Teenage Dominatrix. During an hour in her bondage and discipline dungeon, Mistress Dominique shared the secrets of her profession with the audience as prospective clients. Now, the show is back, but with a twist. Mistress Dominique is played by teenage drag diva Rhubarb Rouge, the creation of performer Ricky Beirao. Performance, drag, B&D – all use the fluidity of identity and reality to do their work; the theatre isn’t really a dungeon; Mistress Dominique isn’t really a teenager. The actor isn’t really a dominatrix. Justin Gregory talks identity and illusion with both Fiona and Ricky.

Fiona and Ricky as Mistress Dominique
Fiona and Ricky as Mistress Dominique.

Giles Block and Penny Beaumont1:53 Giles Block

Giles Block, The Globe Theatre’s associate in charge of text, and his actor wife, Penny Beaumont (left) are touring New Zealand at the moment, taking a break for the occasional workshop with Kiwi lovers of the Bard. They’ll drop by to talk about unravelling some of the knottier Shakespearean passages.

Left: Giles Block and Penny Beaumont.

2:05 The Laugh Track

Touring British stand-up comedian, Neil Sinclair.

Neil Sinclair Charmingly Useless
Neil Sinclair.

2:26 The Future of the Media

A round table discussion about the future of the media in this world of ever-changing technology. Broadcaster and writer Finlay Macdonald was the chair, while The Listener’s Guy Somerset talked about print, the internet was represented by editor Stephen Stratford and Cathy Aronson from The Big Idea online arts site, and Lynn Freeman was there with radio’s perspective.

3:05 The Drama Hour

Miss Penny by KJ Hamilton and Lost in Mexico - Part 1 by Ingeborg Topsøe.

Music played in this show

Artist: Sheena Easton
Song: For Your Eyes Only
Composer: Conti/Leeson
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Song: Royals
Composer: O’Connor/Little
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Song: I Only Have Eyes For You
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Album: Sinatra- Basie - An Historic Musical First
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Artist: Gin Wigmore
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