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12:43 The Royal New Zealand Ballet

Expectations are high as the Royal New Zealand Ballet tours the USA for the first time in 20 years with Giselle, but what do the American critics think? Lewis Segal, former staff dance critic for the LA Times, will be in the audience on the opening night of the tour.

RNZB Gillian Murphy and Qi Huan CREDIT Evan Li
The Royal New Zealand Ballet's Gillian Murphy and Qi Huan. Photograph by Evan Li.

12:48 Overhauling the school music curriculum

Mike Chunn cites Lorde as a reason to overhaul the school music curriculum by adding in songwriting.

Alexander Bisley1:10 Movie reviews

Alexander Bisley tells us what he thinks of new films: 12 Years a Slave, Mandela and Saving Mr Banks.

1:31 Songs from the Inside

Annie Crummer and Laughton Kora have been doing time with inmates in two Auckland prisons. They’ve been creating music together for the Maori TV series Songs From The Inside.

1:48 Auditioning

Auditioning can be a bit gruesome, even for experienced actors. So what if you’re new to the biz? How do you know what to do and what not to do? Each year, a crop of new actors graduate from our drama schools look for work. For two of them, Kelly Gilbride and Albert Walker, who have been cast in Auckland University’s Summer Shakespeare production of Pericles, it’s going well so far.

Kelly Gilbride and Albert Walker
Albert Walker and Kelly Gilbride.

Wallace Chapman2:05 The Laugh Track

Wallace Chapman (right), soon-to-be new presenter of Radio New Zealand National’s Sunday Morning programme, co-host of the long-running TV show Back Benches and fashion blogger, offers an insight into politics, politicians and his own brand of humour.

2:26 Homegrown TV drama

We get a sneak peak at that increasingly rare creature – a homegrown TV drama series, this one’s called Step Dave and we talk to its creator and head writer, Kate McDermott.

Sia Trokenheim and Jono Kenyon in Step Dave
Sia Trokenheim and Jono Kenyon in Step Dave.

2:37 Charlotte Randall talks about her latest novel

Novelist Charlotte Randall has set The Bright Side of My Condition on one of the isolated subantarctic Snares Islands, where four criminals are set down for a year, but not picked up for a decade.

The Bright Side of My Condition by Charlotte Gendall

2:48 Fortune Theatre turns 40

We celebrate the 40th birthday of Dunedin’s Fortune Theatre with two actors who’re starring in the anniversary play, Book Ends by Roger Hall. Peter Hayden and Dougal Stevenson share their memories of treading the Fortune’s floorboards.

3:05 The Drama Hour

The final episode of The Russian Gambler, a two-part drama based on Dostoevsky's original story The Gambler, adapted for radio by Dolya Gavanski.

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Artist: London Symphony Orchestra  
Song: Introduction from Giselle
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