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8:07 Open Country

A 1963 programme about stock whips

8:24 Maureen Kingi, Miss New Zealand 1962

Maureen Kingi (who died during the week) introduces and sings a song.

Song: Hokihoki Tonu Mai
Comp: Poata
Album: LC 8
Label: Kiwi

8:32 Writer Eric McCormick talks about his early life

8:59 Artist: Radio NZ Orchestra

Song: Lucky Me
Comp: Black
Album: TRL 005
Label: Tartar

9:08 As I Remember - The War Years Part 3

The recollections of Joyce Whitlock read by Rebecca Blundell.

9:18 Artist: Rod McKinnon

Song: The Last Thing On My Mind
Comp: Paxton
Album: MCLP 6205
Label: HMV

9:22 As I Remember - Reefton

The recollections of Bruce Bertram read by Duncan Smith.

9:26 Richard Campion

Richard Campion, who died during the week, recalls his work with the New Zealand Players in a 1950s 'Portrait From Life' programme.

9:59 Artist: Radio NZ Orchestra

Song: My Love
Comp: McCartney
Album: TRL 005
Label: Tartar