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8:03 Today in New Zealand History

Saving the Bank of New Zealand, 30 June 1894.

8:09 Artist: Coral Cumms

Song: Long Ago and Far Away

Comp: Kern-Gershwin

Album: Radio NZ recording

Label: Not stated

Dur: 3'00" 3'00"

(1963 Royal Concert at Dunedin Town Hall, introduced by Peter Fleming)

8:14 Royal Visit to Tauranga in 1963

Extracts from the broadcasts with announcers Willis Williams and John Blumsky. 9'34"

8:25 Artist: Phil Garland

Song: Leatherman

Comp: Garland

Album: SLC 273

Label: Kiwi

Dur: 4'00" 4'00"

8:29 The Farm Below the Mountain

A Spectrum documentary in which Winifrid Wright recalls her childhood in rural Taranaki between the wars. 32'27"

8:52 Artist: Radio New Zealand Orchestra

Song: Lucky Me

Comp: Not stated

Album: LTV 13

Music World

Dur: 2'28"

9:02 As I Remember

June Whiteside recalls her wartime experiences. Part 2 5'32"

9:09 Artist: Pat Rogers

Song: Bullocky

Comp: Rogers

Album: EA 25

Label: Kiwi

Dur: 3'00"

9:13 Awarua Station

Recollections recorded in 1960 of those who worked at the Awarua receiving and transmitting station halfway between Invercargill and Bluff, including tales of shipping rescues, morse code messages and wartime listening posts. Operators were taught Japanese morse code during the war by the navy. 9'40"

9:24 Artist: Peter Dawson

Song: Waltzing Matilda

Comp: Not stated

Album: AJA 5431

Label: ASV

Dur: 3'00"

9:28 Place names - Bluff and Riverton

With Ken Pianta.

9:31 Kiwi Concert Party reunion concert

Extracts from the 1972 reunion at the Dunedin Town Hall. 22'27'

9:55 Artist: Radio New Zealand Orchestra

Song: My Love

Comp: Not stated

Album: LTV 13

Music World

Dur: 2'28"