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8:07 Intro

8:12 Today in New Zealand History                   

Death of Hugh Carleton on 14 July 1890.

8:22 Artist: Coral Cummins with the Doug Caldwell Quartet

Song: I Wish You Love
Composer: Trenet
Radio NZ recording

8:25 Homework

Who is said to have been the first to use the silver fern as an emblem for New Zealand?

8:27 The AH Reed Story (Part One)

The famous publisher, writer and walker at the age of 96, in conversation with Kevin Mills in Dunedin in 1972.

8:39 Artist: Ray Columbus and the Invaders

Song: I Saw Her Standing There
Composer: Lennon/McCartney
Album: 110282
Label; Ascension

8:44 New Zealand Players Foundation

A 1953 recording of an unknown speaker giving a talk about the establishment of theand the company's first six-week national tour. Richard and Edith Campion were instrumental in setting up the company and the Foundation was established to act as a collective patron. It consisted of 6,000 members and the company was preparing a second national tour.

8:57 Homework entries from last month with memories of the New Zealand Players

9:09 As I Remember - Dad's Lunch

The recollections of Glenis Henry of Whangarei, read by Gail Hedges.

9:16 Artist: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Song: Nimrod from Variations on an Original Theme, Enigma
Composer: Elgar
Album: 99072
Label: Universal

9:20 Homework

Who is said to have been the first to use the silver fern as an emblem for New Zealand?

9:24 Fox's Motor Camp, Alexandra, 1948

An unidentified NZ Broadcasting Service Mobile Unit interviewer speaks to the owner Mr Fox and several campers, some of whom appear to live permanently at the camp. Mr Fox describes how the campground was established on the site in 1939, on the Manuherikia River. The site was previously a tailings heap and is now the biggest camp in New Zealand. 27 families are living there in cottages.

9:34 Artist: Phil Tilbury, Ian Turbitt and Scotty Smith

Song: Gisborne Again
Composer: Tilbury
Label: Napier Records

9:43 Mrs A Harding of Northland talks about toheroa

She talks about the introduction of motor vehicles being the cause of their dwindling numbers. People come from as far away as Hamilton and Wellington to gather toheroa now. She heard of a man who had a plough to dig them up. Recorded June 1959.

9:45 The All Black Jerseys

A 1960s skit written by Peter Cape and recorded by Michael Woolf as the interviewer and Terry Browne as "Bull" Ellis.

9:49 A song by Polish Children evacuated to New Zealand during World War II

9:55 Sybil Lupp, mechanic and champion racing car driver

Sybil talks about racing cars and being a mechanic for the past 40 years in a Morning Repost interview from March 1983.

9:57 The NZMC car plant in the Hutt valley, closed 30 years ago

A worker recalls his 37 years in the job in a Morning Report item from 1983.