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8:10 Today in New Zealand History

James Busby arrives at the Bay of Islands on 5 May 1833, 180 years ago.


8:18 Artist: Daphne Walker, Johnny Bradford and his Rhythm

Song: Vaya Con Dios

Comp: Not stated

Album: 008

Label: Zodiac

Dur: 2'56"

8:21 Homework - mystery voices


8:24 Politician Parekura Horomia died last weekend

Parekura beame a Labour MP in 1999 and in 2000 when Dover Samuels was forced to step down as Minister of Māori Affairs after criminal allegations were made against him, Horomia was appointed in his place. Although Samuels was cleared, it was decided that Horomia would retain the Māori Affairs portfolio. From that time, here's the Checkpoint coverage of the appointment of Horomia to the ministerial post.


8:33 Artist: Four and One More

Song: Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes

Comp: Not stated

Album: 008

Label: Zodiac

Dur: 2'42"

8:38 As I Remember

Anzac Day at Norfolk Island in 1986 by Patricia Ridding of Masterton.

Artist: Band of the Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery

Song: Now is the Hour

Comp: Not stated

Album: 1286

Label: Manu

Dur: 3'10"


8:48 Broadcaster and singer Tui Uru died last week

She was the first Maori to appear as an announcer on television on CHTV3 Christchurch. Here she recalls something of her career and sings two songs.


9:07 As I Remember

Working for the Public Service almost a hundred years ago - the memories of Clem Goddard read by Colin Feslier
Part 2


9:16 Artist: John Parkin (piano)

Song: Annie Get Your Gun Medley

Comp: Berlin

Album: 6067

Label: HMV

Dur: 5'17"

9:24 Homework - mystery voices


9:26 The Story of Education in Southland 1856 to 1956 by Elsie Nelson


9:40 Artist: Spike Jones and his City Slickers

Song: Dance of the Hours

Comp: Ponchielli

Album: 367814

Label: RCA

Dur: 3'14"

9:44 Book of the Week: What Ship, Lieutenant Harry Pennell's Antarctic Legacy

By David Harrowfield

The author discusses the return of the ship bearing news of the Scott expedition to Oamaru in an interview at the site at Oamaru Harbour.