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8:10 Today in New Zealand History

The first game of the first British rugby team to visit New Zealand at the Caledonian Ground, Dunedin, 28 April 1888. Script from NZHistory website.


8:18 Artist: Vera Lynn

Song: Blue Birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover

Comp: Burton/Kent

Album: AJA 5069

Label: ASV

Dur: 3'14"

8:23 Homework - Who Am I?

I was born in Auckland. In 1911 I achieved a New Zealand first with the help of my brother and two sisters. I never married and died in 1950.

8:25 Writing Songs about Women in Our History

Rachel Dawick and Jon Sanders talk about and play some of their recordings. Songs about West Coast women Barbara Weldon and Biddy of the Buller.


8:52 Captain Pirimi Tahiwi (Ngati Raukawa) recalls serving in the Maori Contingent in WWI and using the 'ka mate' haka on Gallipoli in 1915.

Artist: Maori Battalion

Song: Ka Mate Ka Mate and E Pari Ra

Comp: Not stated

Album: ACD 206

Label: Atoll

Dur: 2'00"


9:08 As I Remember

Working for the Public Service almost a hundred years ago - the memories of Clem Goddard read by Colin Feslier. Part One.


9:20 Artist: Phil Garland

Song: King of the Bullock Drivers

Comp: Garland

Album: SLC 275

Label: Kiwi

Dur: 2'05"

9:23 Homework

9:24 Wellington's last tram ran 49 years ago - 2 May 1964

An extract from a broadcast made on that day.

Artist: John Parkin (Piano)

Song: South Pacific medley

Comp: Rogers/Hammerstein

Album: 6067

Label: HMV

Dur: 7'16"


9:38 The Last Journey

Extracts from the radio coverage of the funeral train of Prime Minister Michael Savage on its journey from Wellington to Auckland in March 1940.


9:44 Book of the Week

Anzac Day - the New Zealand Story

By Philippa Werry

New Holland ISBN 9781869 663803

Phillipa Werry talks about writing war history for children.