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8:09 Today in New Zealand History

First Sheep in Wairarapa 21 April 1844.


8:16 Artist: Pat McMinn and male (Not stated)

Song: Let's Live a Little

Comp: Not stated

Album: Zodiac

Label: 003CD

Dur: 2'52"

8:21 Homework for April - Who Am I?

I was born in Auckland. In 1911 I achieved a New Zealand first with the help of my brother and two sisters. I never married and died in 1950.

8:22 The United States Marine Band in New Zealand in 1942 - Part One


8:29 The handing over of the wharves at Mount Maunganui to the Tauranga Harbour Board - 13 November 1965


Now the largest port in the country in terms of total cargo volume, and the second largest in terms of container throughput.

8:35 Artist: Les Cleveland and the D Day Dodgers

Song: Aiwa Saida

Comp: Not stated

Album: SLC 121

Label: Kiwi

Dur: 3'11"

8:40 Into Battle

A BBC wartime "propaganda" programme telling the story of New Zealand VC winner Sergeant Jack Hinton who had been taken prisoner in Greece near the end of April 1941.


8:49 Artist: The English Chamber Orchestra

Song: The Dambusters - March

Comp: Coates

Album: AJA 5069

Label: ASW

Dur: 3'51"

8:54 Anzac As I Remember

Memories from Harry McArthur of Greytown who served with 75 (New Zealand Squadron) during the last year of the war.


9:05 As I Remember

As I Remember Anzac Day 1935 written by John Bragg of Waitakere and read by Duncan Smith.


9:14 Homework

9:15 Artist: Les Cleveland and the D Day Dodgers

Song: Isa Lei

Comp: Busch

Album: SLC 121

Label: Kiwi

Dur: 2'45"

9:19 The Homosexual Law Reform debate of 1984

An extract from an Insight documentary introduced by Sue Hanan. Incldues comments from Warren Freer, Labour MP, who died recently and also the song Glad to be Gay by Tom Robinson. 


9:30 United States Marine Band in New Zealand 1942 - Part 2


9:39 Book of the Week

Gallipoli - A Ridge too Far

Edited by Ashley Ekins

ExisleISDN 9781921966002

New Zealand contributor John Tonkin-Covell discusses the book.


9:56 Artist: Gracie Fields and troops

Song: Wish Me Luck as You Wave Me Goodbye

Comp: Park

Album: AJA 5069

Label: ASV

Dur: 2'45"

Recorded somewhere in France 17 Nov 1939.


And Winston Churchill addresses the London crowds on VE Day 1945.