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8:09 Today in New Zealand History

The Tory sails for New Zealand on 12 May 1839. 4'32"

8:15 Artist: Coral Cummins with the Doug Caldwell Quartet

Song: Long Ado and Far Away
Comp: Gershwin
Album: RNZ recording
Label: RNZ recording
Dur: 2'54"

Recorded 14 February 1963 at the Royal Concert in Dunedin Town Hall. Compere Peter Fleming.

8:19 Homework: mystery voices

8:23 Sir Basil Spence, architect for the 'Beehive" talks about his work in a 1964 interview.


8:27 Television and radio gardening host, Eion Scarrow, who died during the week talks to Jessica Weddell in a 1980s interview.


8:37 A tribute to the first conductor of the New Zealand Symphony (National) Orchestra, Anderson Tyrer, recorded at the time of his death in 1962.


9:07 As I Remember

Working for the Public Service almost a hundred years ago - the memories of Clem Goddard read by Colin Feslier. (Part 3) 7'35"

9:16 Artist: Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen

Song: So Do I
Comp: Grant
Album: 873258
Label: Castle
Dur: 2'40"

9:21 Homework: mystery voices

9:23 The Trekka Tale

Todd Niall tells the story of a New Zealand motor vehicle in a 2002 programme. (Part 1)

9:37 Book of the Week

An Awfully Big Adventure - New Zealand World War One Veterans tell their stories by Jane Tolerton
ISBN 978 0143 568490

Jane Tolerton talks oral history and record wartime memories.


9:57 Artist: John McCormack

Song: There's A Long Long Trail A'Winding
Comp: Not Stated
Album: 486309
Label: CD41
Dur: 3'11"