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8:02 Anzac As I Remember

The Last Round in North Africa, April 1943, from the diary of Gunner Harold Bates, read by Errol Pike.

8:09 A Brown Slouch Hat with the Side Turned Up (Wallace)

Myree Parker CD

8:12 Jim Warner of Taupo recalls his time in the trenches of World War One during the Somme and Messines battles in a 1982 conversation with Andrew McRae.

8:28 We're Gonna Hang Out Our Washing on the Siegfried Line (Kennedy/Carr)

Flanagan and Allen CD

8:31 Homework

Which popular weekly magazine stopped publication in 1961?

8:32 VE Day in Christchurch, 10 May 1945

The sounds of Cathedral Square.

8:45 Wish Me Luck (Gracie Fields)

8:49 Letters from Gallipoli

Part Four. A letter from Private Arthur Brown of the Wellington Battalion to his parents in Wanganui, read by Gordon Parry. From Letters from Gallipoli edited by Glyn Harper. Brown was wounded but survived the war.

Auckland University Press. ISBN 9781869 404772

8:53 You and I (Myers)

Radio NZ Orchestra LP Music World LTV 13/1

9:01 As I Remember

K Force Memories by Dave Feehan, read by Gavin McGinley. First broadcast in 2001.

9:03 If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake

Sung by Eileen Barton, 1950.

9:06 World War II radio propaganda

The memories of Jack Fox of Dunedin. An extract from a Spectrum documentary by Jack Perkins.

9:13 The Dambusters Match (Coates)

English Chamber Orchestra CD AJA 5069

9:17 "Just Take off Your Trousers, please!"

An Anzac Day story from broadcaster Les Andrews.

9:25 There'll be Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover (Kent/Burton)

Bebe Daniels CD

9:35 Letters from Gallipoli.

Part Five. A letter from Gunner David Stuart of the New Zealand Field Artillery to his mother read by Gordon Parry. From Letters from Gallipoli edited by Glyn Harper. Stuart survived the war but was wounded at the Somme.

Auckland University Press. ISBN: 9781869 404772

9:37 Book of the Week

Letters from Gallipoli edited by Glyn Harper.
Auckland University Press
ISBN 9781869 404772

9:53 Winston Churchill "We shall never surrender"

Lili Marlene (Schultze/Leip)

Lale Andersen CD AJA 5069

9:55 For Your Eyes Only (Conti)

Radio New Zealand Orchestra LP Music World LTV 13/1