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8:13 As I Remember Archive

The Maruia Springs Hotel by Valerie Smith, read by Alison Lloyd Davies.

8:20 Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke)

Ken Smith (trumpet), Stanley Jackson (organ)

Recorded in the Church of St James, Lower Hutt, about 1966

45 Kiwi EA 24

8:24 Memories of a Wartime Merchant Seaman

Jim Blundell talks to Neill Atkinson. Part of an oral history project for the book edited by Neil Atkinson, Hell or High Water, New Zealand Merchant Seafarers Remember the War, Harper Collins, Auckland, 2009. Recording supplied by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

8:34 This Is the Army Mr Jones (Berlin)

Irving Berlin CD

8:39 Fairlie in Wartime

A portrait of a country town during the war published in a government handout of the time. Read by David Knowles.

8:50 The Old Mackenzie Trail (Bob Edwards)

Mike Harding CD NZ 2000

8:54 A Royal Wedding from 1913

8:57 Listen to the Band (Monckton)

Wanganui City Silver Band LP Five Star FSRS 1321

9:09 As I Remember

The Old Kioreroa Railway Bridge and the New Wharf by Alec Hutchinson, read by Gavin McGinley

9:14 New Zealand Building History by Nigel Isaacs

Part 5 - Insulation and Keeping Warm .

9:20 Homework

What do Bell Block, Milson, Levels and Hilderthorpe have in common?

9:25 I Didn't Know What Time It Was

Jack Roberts, piano 45 Columbia SEGM 6007

9:29 Bookshelf:

Rails Towards the Sky by Barry Brickell
David Ling Publishing
ISBN 978 1877 378 478

9:32 Rosemary Atkins recalls a wartime Wellington childhood and singing in the Broadcasts to Schools choir

9:51 My Task (Roy/Ashford)

Uncle Tom's Friendly Road Children's Choir 45 Kiwi EA 71

9:54 Children's Radio from 1989

Host Dick Weir talks to the Letterbox Lizard from the children's radio show "Ears" - a 1989 radio award winner.

9:58 Cathedral City (Macky)

The Mariners 45 Kiwi EA 59