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8:11 Letters from Gallipoli

Part three. A letter from Private Charles McConchie of the Wellington Battalion to his father, read by Gordon Parry. From Letters from Gallipoli edited by Glyn Harper. McConchie was wounded but survived the war.

Auckland University Press. ISBN 9781869 404772

8:17 Pokarekare Ana

Inia Te Wiata 45 HMV 7EGM 6040

8:19 Homework

Which popular weekly magazine stopped publication in 1961?

8:21 Kiwi Capsule (Yerex)

Peter Read, Peter Gwynne, Alan Jervis LP HMV MCLP 6121

8:28 Faded Pictures (Garland)

Phil Garland LP Cityfolk CFR 014

From a 1986 LP of Songs For Peace

8:36 Race relations in the 19th century gold rushes

Professor David Goodman of Melbourne University discusses how race relations were handled in the gold rushes of the 19th century.

8:51 Piano Man (Joel)

Ben McDonald CD

8:57 The History of Building in New Zealand by Nigel Isaacs

Part four. The Early Measurement of Time.

9:08 As I Remember

First Day at School, written and read by Gordon Parry.

9:14 Don't You Think it Looks Peculiar Medley

Les Cleveland and the Campfire Chorus LP Kiwi LC 11

9:20 Homework

Which popular weekly magazine stopped publication in 1961?

9:21 As I Remember Anzac Archive

Memories of the Italian Campaign by Les Robinson, read by Gavin McGinley

Song by Enrico Caruso

Tom Kirk-Burnand recalls setting up of the Kiwi Concert Party in World War II and Wally Prictor tells of his most moving moment on stage.

9:37 Colonel Bogey Medley

Band of the Royal New Zealand Air Force

At Easter The Hampstead School in Ashburton will celebrate 125 years. Viv Hanson's memories of saluting the flag at Hampstead School are read by Robb Webb. (The school was called Ashburton East from 1923 to 1956)

9:44 Book of the Week

The Southland Book of Records by Lloyd Esler
Craigs ISBN 978 0 473 17298 5

Invercargill March (Lithgow)

Band of the New Zealand Army LP EMI HSD 1082