In June 2007, the coastal cliffs at Oamaru were washed away, affecting this factory and a conservation area for blue penguins

Photo: NIWA / Murray Hicks

8:10 Sally Weintrobe: The psychological roots of the climate crisis

Sally Weintrobe

Sally Weintrobe Photo: supplied

Psychotherapist Sally Weintrobe thinks most of us have been living in a bubble of denial about the climate crisis.

For many the bubble is now bursting, leaving people finding it hard to manage their anxiety and guilt as they take in the extent of the damage already caused to our climate system

So what can help us  work through our feelings about this threat to survival -  without resorting to further denial? How can we take responsibility?

Sally Weintrobe is a Fellow of the British Psychoanalytical Society, a founding member of the Climate Psychology Alliance and she chairs the International Psychoanalytic Association's Climate Committee.

Her new book, Psychological Roots of the Climate Crisis: Neoliberal Exceptionalism and the Culture of Uncare is published next month.

A brush and vials used in vaginal smear testing

A brush and vials used in vaginal smear testing Photo: GARO / Phanie

8:35 Anita Lim: DIY at-home smear tests

Anita Lim

Anita Lim Photo: supplied

Kiwi epidemiologist, Dr Anita Lim is the driving force behind a National Health Service study of do-it-at-home HpV virus swab tests in London.

She's targeting areas where up to 50% women are not turning up for conventional cervical cancer screening smear tests.

She describes the move as a potential 'gamechanger' for women.

Here in New Zealand, a trial of home-screening among Māori women found that self-testing could potentially halve the number who seldom or never get screened, sparking calls for the government to implement a self-test screening programme.

9:05 Jill Nalder: the woman who inspired Aids drama It's a Sin

Actor Jill Nalder

Actor Jill Nalder Photo: Supplied

Jill Nalder is a Welsh actress and activist. She is known for her career in theatre as well as her contribution to HIV/AIDS activism.

She was the inspiration behind the character Jill Baxter in the hit TV series It's a Sin, which is available on TVNZonDemand.

She plays Jill Baxter's mother in the series and is a long-time friend of the series creator, Russel T Davies.

It's a Sin - Olly Alexander as "Ritchie" and    Lydia West as "Jill Baxter"

It's a Sin - Olly Alexander as "Ritchie" and Lydia West as "Jill Baxter" Photo: upplied TVNZ / Ross Ferguson

9:35 Virologist Dr Chris Smith: Covid science

Our regular commentator Cambridge University consultant clinical virologist Dr Chris Smith joins us with the latest Covid-19 science, and to answer your questions.

This week, the latest on the investigation into a possible link between the Astra-Zeneca vaccine and blood clots. clinicians concerned that Covid might trigger diabetes, and how are vaccines faring against the various new variants.

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Photo: NurPhoto via AFP

10:05 Steven McGregor:Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky

Steven Mcgregor shooting Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky

Steven Mcgregor shooting Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky Photo: supplied

Steven McGregor is an award-winning writer and director from Darwin.

In his film Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky, Indigenous Australians give their account of Captain Cook's arrival on their land and respond to his legacy with songs and interviews.  

Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky is screening during the Māoriland Film Festival in Ōtaki,  which runs from March 24-28.

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10:35 Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler: tourism post-pandemic

Tony Wheeler

Tony Wheeler Photo: supplied

In 1973 Tony Wheeler and his wife Maureen founded Lonely Planet Publications and went on to publish hundreds of popular travel guides.

Prior to pandemic restrictions, Tony was one of the world's most well-travelled people.

He's used his extra free time to contribute to 100% Pure Future: New Zealand Tourism Renewed,  which imagines a new, more sustainable, phase of tourism in Aotearoa.

11:05 Disability advocate Minnie Baragwanath: Global Centre of Possibility

Minnie Baragwanath

Minnie Baragwanath Photo: supplied

Minnie Baragwanath MNZM is the Chief Possibility Officer and founder of the newly established Global Centre of Possibility at AUT.

She is a long-serving advocate for people who have a disability or access need and in 2011 founded the Be. Lab, aiming to make New Zealand the most accessible nation in the world.

The Global Centre of Possibility is designed to help businesses understand and work with the disability/accessibility sector to improve the lives of those affected and to harness the $8 trillion dollar annual disposable income people with disabilities have.


Kay Baxter - Kōanga Institute

Kay Baxter - Kōanga Institute Photo: Kōanga Institute

11:40 Kay Baxter: Autumn gardening

Gardening and Permaculture expert Kay Baxter says autumn is one of only two times we have in the year to do things differently in the garden  - planning and carrying out the work to improve soil, plant growth and the ecosystem.

Kay Baxter co-founded the Koanga Institute and runs Regeneration Productions.


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