On Saturday Morning: Kim talks to Sef Darby about New Zealand's difficulty in talking about whether, or how, to exploit our natural resources; music icon Mick Fleetwood reflects on his early career, timed in with a new book he's produced about Fleetwood Mac's earliest incarnation; artist Simon Denny and journalist Anthony Byrt discuss a new exhibition they've produced, centered on the extreme libertarian philosophies of one of New Zealand's newest citizens, billionaire Peter Thiel; acclaimed biographer Walter Isaacson on scouring thousands of diaries to get to the heart of the brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci; Otaki-based playwright Renée who has just won the Playmarket Award and a $20,000 prize for her significant contribution to theatre in Aotearoa; photographer and artist Gavin Hipkins on why he's considered a "tourist of photography", and the elevation of the everyday to the extraordinary with museum owner Christine Fernyhough.  


8:09 Sef Darby - The Ground Between 

Sefton Darby

Sefton Darby Photo: supplied

Sefton Darby is a consultant working on public policy and natural resource governance issues for a variety of NGOs, governments - including the NZ Government -  corporations, mining companies, the World Bank, and international multilateral organisations. He was closely involved in the early development of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and has worked on oil and mining issues in a number of countries in Africa, Europe, Central Asia, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. He holds a BA (Hons) in Politics from the University of Otago, and an MLitt in International Security from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Darby's new book is The Ground Between: Navigating the Oil and Mining Debate in New Zealand.

8:35 Mick Fleetwood - Love That Burns 

Embroidered Mick Fleetwood: from 'Love That Burns'

Embroidered Mick Fleetwood: from 'Love That Burns' Photo: Supplied

Mick Fleetwood bought his first drum kit at the age of 13 and left school at 15 to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional drummer. Joining a group called the Cheynes in 1963 put Fleetwood together with bass player John McVie and guitarist Peter Green - the trio going on to form the first version of Fleetwood Mac in 1970. In 1974, Fleetwood and John and Christine McVie signed up Lindsay Buckingham and his partner Stevie Nicks, and the group went on to become one of the most successful bands in modern music, with their 1977 album Rumours selling over 17 million copies. Fleetwood continues to play both with members of Fleetwood Mac and on other projects. He celebrates a landmark 50 years since Fleetwood Mac's debut gig at the Windsor Blues and Jazz Festival with the release of a new book: Love that Burns - A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac Volume One: 1967-1974, (details on how to get this book here). Fleetwood will be visiting New Zealand to talk about the book at Mossgreen - Webb's in Auckland on December 8. 


Love That Burns: A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac Volume One: 1967-1974 by Mick Fleetwood



9:05 Anthony Byrt and Simon Denny - The Founder's Paradox 

Anthony Byrt

Anthony Byrt Photo: supplied

Artist Simon Denny

Artist Simon Denny Photo: Supplied

Simon Denny graduated with a BFA from Elam in 2004 and completed his post-graduate study in Frankfurt. Recent exhibitions include The Personal Effects of Kim Dotcom, Adam Art Gallery, Wellington (2014) and All You Need is Data - The DLD 2012 Conference REDUX as part of the Walter's Prize exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki (2014). Denny was selected to represent New Zealand at the 56th Venice Biennale, exhibiting Secret Power at the New Zealand Pavilion. Anthony Byrt is an Auckland-based critic and journalist. He is a regular writer for Metro, a contributing editor to Paperboy, and the New Zealand correspondent for Artforum International. His book This Model World: Travels to the Edge of Contemporary Art was shortlisted for the 2017 Ockham national book award.  Together the pair have created an exhibition, The Founder's Paradox, including essays, on a series of large art pieces based on familiar board games. The games unpack extreme libertarian ideologies such as those held by 'new' New Zealander Peter Thiel and other Silicon Valley thought leaders. The Founder's Paradox is on at the Michael Lett Gallery until December 22. 


The Founder's Paradox -  works by Simon Denny 



9:35 Walter Isaacson - Leonardo da Vinci: the orginal Renaissance man 

Walter Isaacson

Walter Isaacson Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Walter Isaacson, Professor of History at Tulane University, has been chairman of CNN, and editor of Time magazine. From 2005-2007 he was the vice-chair of the Louisiana Recovery Authority, which oversaw the rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. He was appointed by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the Senate to serve as the chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which runs Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and other international broadcasts of the United States, a position he held until 2012. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and serves on the board of United Airlines and  Tulane University among many others. Isaacson is the author of books including Steve Jobs; Einstein: His Life and Universe; and Kissinger: A Biography, and his most recent book is Leonardo da Vinci, which the New Yorker says is "a powerful story of an exhilarating mind and life."


10:06 Renée - Life story told in patches

No caption

Photo: Supplied

At the age of 50, Otaki author Renée (Scots/Ngati Kahungungu) started to write plays - Wednesday to Come is her best-loved. She has written eight novels and more than 20 plays and she often focuses on creating work that put women in lead roles and deal with lives of working class people. Now, at 88, Renée says she considers herself very lucky to still have most of her marbles. She has written a memoir, These Two Hands, described as her life story told in patches, like a quilt - one for every year of the life she has lived so far. This week she received the Playmarket Award and a $20,000 prize for her significant contribution to theatre in Aotearoa. Renée teaches her Your Life, Your Story and Poem a Week workshops in Otaki, and writes a blog




11:05 Gavin Hipkins - Tourist of photography

Gavin Hipkins

Gavin Hipkins Photo: supplied

Auckland photographer and film-maker Gavin Hipkins has been described as a "tourist of photography" - both because he travels and because he constantly explores what's possible in the medium of photography. Hipkins has a major exhibition of his work opening on November 25 at The Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt. The exhibition is called The Domain and is a survey of Hipkins' 25-year career - a book of the same name is published to accompany the exhibition. Hipkins is associate professor at Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland. He has exhibited throughout New Zealand and around the world. His film works have been shown in international festivals and he has held a number of residencies, including the inaugural New Zealand artist residency at Artspace Sydney, the McCahon House Residency, and the International Studio and Curatorial Program artist residency in New York.

Gavin Hipkins' photographs from The Domain



11:30 Christine Fernyhough - The Museum of the Everyday

No caption

Photo: Supplied

Christine Fernyhough is the author of the bestselling memoir The Road To Castle Hill: A High Country Love Story, and she set up Books in Homes and then the Gifted Kids Programme for high-achieving children in low-decile schools. In 2011 she was made a CNZM for services to the community. Her life story includes upping sticks from Parnell in Auckland to move to the high country Canterbury farm, Castle Hill Station - then moving back to Parnell. Fernyhough continues to champion the trainees and graduates of the LSV Programme, and is a board member of the Creative Thinking Project at the University of Auckland. Her latest venture is the Museum of the Everyday. The museum is a collection of New Zealand craft, design, folk art and social history. Fernyhough has been building the collection for 30 years - including during her Castle Hill stint - and its contents now number 3000 objects of which about 1,500 have been catalogued.


Images from Christine Fernyhough's Museum of the Everyday



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Love that Burns: A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac, Volume One, 1967 to 1974 
by Mick Fleetwood
Distributed by Hedley’s Bookshop Masterton 

Leonardo da Vinci
by Walter Isaacson
ISBN 1501139150
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The Domain
by Gavin Hipkins 
ISBN: 9781776561780
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