Professor Richard Beasley on his award-winning research into asthma and other health issues, Paul Fitzgerald remembers Fitzgerald v Muldoon, Geoff Marsland celebrates coffee culture, Time Lord James Gleick, James Jameson from Mt Lyford, Rochelle Constantine just back from the Kermadec region, Lilly and Leon Mackie from Cardboard Box Office and Kate Camp with her latest Klassic, Walden.



8:12 Richard Beasley

Richard Beasley

Richard Beasley Photo: Supplied

Professor Richard Beasley CNZM has been awarded the Sir Charles Hercus Medal by the Royal Society of New Zealand for his contribution to advancing respiratory medicine and health science research. He is director of the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand which has research programmes in areas including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), stroke and fever.


8:45 Paul Fitzgerald

Paul Fitzgerald

Paul Fitzgerald Photo: Supplied

The legal wrangle in the UK where the PM, Theresa May, is appealing a ruling forcing her to give Parliament a vote on the plans for Brexit, has echoes in a 1976 ruling in the case of Fitzgerald v Muldoon in the NZ courts. Paul Fitzgerald challenged Rob Muldoon after the PM in a media statement announced the abolition of the superannuation scheme. Invoking the 1688 Bill of Rights, Paul Fitzgerald won - and now, 40 years later, the Bill of Rights is making headlines in the UK.



9:00 Geoff Marsland

Geoff Marsland and Tim Rose founded pioneering Wellington cafe Midnight Espresso in 1988, and shortly aftewards launched coffee roasting company Havana Coffee Works. Now sole owner of Havana, Geoff Marsland has collaborated with writer Tom Scott on a history of his life as a coffee baron: Coffee U Feel (Phantom House, ISBN 9780987666772) with photographs by Grant Sheehan.


10:05 James Gleick

James Gleick

James Gleick Photo: Supplied

James Gleick is a leading science writer whose books (Chaos, Genius, Isaac Newton, and The Information) have won or been nominated for significant awards. His latest book, Time Travel: A History (4th Estate, ISBN 978000754431) tracks the evolution of time travel as an idea in culture. Through memories, movies, novels and hope, he says, we've all become Time Lords.




10:40 James Jameson

James Jameson is a former Christchurch restaurateur who ran Le Cafe in the Christchurch Arts Centre until the Canterbury earthquakes of 2011. After his new business, St Asaph St Kitchen, closed last year, James Jameson moved to Mt Lyford - the area hit hard and isolated by this month's earthquakes.

Road damage in the Mt Lyford area

Road damage in the Mt Lyford area Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King


11:05 Rochelle Constantine

Rochelle Constantine

Rochelle Constantine. Photo: Paul Ensor

Dr Rochelle Constantine is senior lecturer at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland, where she focuses her work on the study of cetaceans. She has recently lead an expedition to the Kermadec region to study ocean biodiversity from the deep sea to the surface.




11:25 Lilly and Leon Mackie

In their spare time, Wellington couple Lilly and Leon Mackie make film-style sets out of cardboard boxes and other bits and pieces from around their home and, along with their young sons, create scenes from TV and film. Their Cardboard Box Office blog has received attention from media around the world and their work made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show.


11:45 Kate Camp - Kate's Klassics

Kate Camp has published five collections of poems, most recently Snow White's Coffin (VUP), and will discuss Walden, by Henry David Thoreau.

Kate Camp

Kate Camp Photo: Supplied

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