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anna guenther


8:15 Anna Guenther

Anna Guenther is the CEO and co-founder of equity crowdfunding platform PledgeMe, which has just celebrated its third birthday.



8:30 Richard Randerson

Richard Randerson has served as an industrial chaplain, inner city priest, social justice officer, royal commissioner, bishop and cathedral dean, in New Zealand, Australia, England and New York. He tells his story in Slipping the Moorings: a Memoir Weaving Faith with Justice, Ethics and Community (Matai House).

9:05 Deborah Cameron: language and gender

Deborah Cameron, Professor of Language and Communication at Oxford University, is an internationally recognised expert on issues concerning language and gender. She is the author of the 1995 book, Verbal Hygiene, and The Myth of Mars and Venus (2007), and writes a popular blog, Language: a Feminist Guide. She is visiting New Zealand as Victoria University of Wellington's 2015 Ian Gordon Fellow, and will deliver two lectures at the university: Our Tremendous Opportunity: a Look at the Hidden History of BBC English (14 July), and Sex, Lies and Stereotypes: Do We Ask the Right Questions About Language and Gender? (16 July).

9:40 Stefan Andreas Meyer

Stefan MeyerDr. Stefan Andreas Meyer completed a PostDoctoral Fellowship at the Raman Laboratory at Victoria University of Wellington before taking up a position at the Institute for Automotive Technology, Technical University of Munich. In his spare time, he was the driving force for the last few years behind a project to design and build an open source electric car. This has now been completed, and the process is detailed at the website of his company, Blitz Conversions Limited.

Murray Gray Credit Liz March10:05 Playing Favourites with Murray Gray

Murray Gray grew up in Gisborne and attended university in Wellington and Auckland. After working as a primary school teacher, and in music and film businesses, he set up Gone West Books in Titirangi, Auckland. He is the founder and programme director of the Going West Books and Writers Festival, which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary (11-13 September).
Photo: Liz March

11:05 Mary Brennan

Mary Brennan is also known as Mistress Mariah, a professional dominatrix who since 2006 has owned one of New Zealand's most successful fantasy and full-service brothels. She tells her story (with Eleanor Black) in Some Kind of Fantasy: the Amazing Life Story of New Zealand's Top Dominatrix (Bateman).

11:50 Emily McKewen

Emily McKewen is a Wellington stay-at-home mother and writer who started the Ballet is for Everyone venture when her two-year-old son decided he wanted to learn to dance.

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