09:05 Two new Covid-19 vaccines secured: enough for everyone

The government has made a deal to purchase two more brands of Covid-19 vaccines, bringing the total to four. But its vaccination programme is now due to start later than first planned. The Prime Minister, and three senior ministers have been outlining the contracts and roll-out plan at a news conference in Auckland.  Kathryn speaks with RNZ Health Corespondent Rowan Quinn and University of Otago's Professor David Murdoch, a clinical microbiologist who's consulted for the WHO and the Health's Ministry Covid-19 Technical Advisory Group.

A Covid-19 being prepared in a hospital in Philadelphia, United States, 16 December.

Photo: AFP

09:25 Small businesses earnings and employment up

New data from cloud-based accounting firm Xero paints a rosy picture of how small businesses are faring. Its latest November analysis of customer data shows six straight months of year-on-year revenue growth,  and small business employment now 3.2% above the pre-crisis level in March. Kathryn speaks with Xero's managing director for New Zealand & Pacific Islands, Craig Hudson.

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09:30 Work from anywhere this summer

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Photo: RNZ/Carol Stiles

Some companies are adopting the summer free range work campaign - working from home, the bach, campervan, or even tent! Tourism Holdings Limited and Vodafone are on board with the four week 'work from anywhere' initiative. Staff are encouraged to make the most of flexi-work conditions over the festive season and Tourism New Zealand is urging other businesses to take part - for the wellbeing of employees and also to boost tourism in regional communites. Tourism Holdings Limited CFO Nick Judd and Vodafone Business Head of Corporate Kate Tulp talk to Kathryn about the scheme.

09:45 Brexit endgame, Covid Christmas, postal meltdown

UK correspondent Hugo Gye looks at the final two weeks before the UK leaves the EU's legal regime and the deadlock in any trade deal. There are concerns over a planned relaxation of Covid rules over Christmas and more Britons than ever before are shopping online - but the Royal Mail keep up?

Crowds of shoppers and commuters walk along Oxford Street ahead of introduction of tougher coronavirus restrictions in the run up to Christmas, on 15 December, 2020 in London.

Shoppers crowded onto Oxford Street ahead of tougher new coronavirus rules coming into place in London. Photo: WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto/AFP

09:50 Health Minister Andrew Little on Covid vaccine roll-out

Health Minister Andrew Little provides more details on the government's announcement it has secured another two vaccines, enough for every New Zealander and our Pacific partners.

Coronavirus cells floating on a sepia backdrop with monochromatic shades, 3d illustration. Covid-19 infection pandemic concept, microscope magnification.

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10:05 Australian food writer Richard Cornish on the joys of eating 

Award-winning author and food writer Richard Cornish has been penning the Good Food column for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age for almost a decade. A former comedy writer and TV producer, he says he finally found his true calling - writing about food. Kathryn asks him about growing up on a dairy farm, and how that fitted with going vegetarian for a year, which he documented in his book My Year Without Meat.

Richard Cornish and roast lamb

Richard Cornish and roast lamb. Photo: Richard Cornish/Lamb 123RF

10:35 Book review - Wow by Bill Manhire

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Photo: Bill Manhire / Victoria University Press

Chris Tse reviews Wow by Bill Manhire, published by Victoria University Press.

10:45 The Reading

Another Language. a short story by Craig Cliff read by Nathan Meister.

11:05 How the pandemic changed tech in 2020

Technology commentator Bill Bennett joins Kathryn to talk about how the pandemic had an impact on technology this year: from videoconferencing and online shopping to a streaming surge and a boom in cyber-attacks.

contact tracing app background map with copyspace .

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11:25 Why do so many girls and young women hate their bodies?

A photo of an anorexic girl measuring her waist

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A new report into the way many girls and young women regard their bodies paints a sobering picture, with 72% of young people surveyed reporting feeling negatively about their appearance at some point in the day - and for quarter of them, it’s an all-day feeling. Two thirds of them avoid activities when they don’t feel good about their appearance - mostly sports and social situations. The Body Image report has been researched and written by the YWCA's Advocacy and Insights Manager, Anna Beard. She tells Kathryn there needs to be a nationwide change on how we talk about bodies, diet and fat - and she shares her top do's and dont's for parents.

11:45 Chris Schulz on his best film and TV picks of 2020

Film and TV reviewer Chris Schulz joins Kathryn to look at some of the best offerings around this year from New Zealand and overseas.

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