09:05 KiwiSaver annual statements to include projections

KiwiSaver annual statements will be arriving in the mail for members  - but they'll contain a little more information this year. For the first time, KiwiSaver members will be able to see a projection of how much they might have in their account by the time they reach 65 - and what that means as a weekly amount in retirement. Liam Mason, Director of Regulation for the Financial Markets Authority, joins Kathryn to talk about why the extra information will be important for members.

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09:25  Will Covid change the way we move around?

Two cyclists with protective equipment are approaching an intersection in a busy part of the city towards the setting sun.

Photo: 123RF

Will the Covid 19 pandemic change the way we move around? Transport scientist Dr Simon Kingham is the Ministry of Transport Chief Science Advisor, University of Canterbury professor of geography, and passionate cyclist. His job is to ensure that advice to Ministers is evidence based. Dr Kingham hasn't personlly owned a car since mid 1990s, instead riding his bike everywhere he can. He says during covid lockdown many people took to walking and cycling for the first time, and a range of initiatives are underway to try to make those temporary behaviors permanent - such as widened footpaths and temporary cycle lanes.

09:35 NZ Rugby tackles some big challenges

The All Blacks perform the haka before the Rugby World Cup semi-final match between England and New Zealand at the International Stadium Yokohama on October 26, 2019.

The All Blacks perform the haka before the Rugby World Cup semi-final match between England and New Zealand at the International Stadium Yokohama on October 26, 2019. Photo: Behrouz Mehri / AFP

From ripper grade to the All Blacks, what lies ahead for the game of rugby? New Zealand Rugby is in financial crisis, with revenue down dramatically, half its workforce facing job cuts, and players pay set to be cut. Super rugby begins next week in limited form in front of empty stadiums. But the shape of other domestic compeitions remains uncertain and when and where the All Blacks might play is unknown. Kathryn talks with the CEO of New Zealand Rugby, Mark Robinson.

09:45 Covid home reno cash, Aussie film crew hurt in US, SAS hero's charges

Australia correspondent Annika Smethurst joins Kathryn to talk about a proposed cash grant for home renovations that's being welcomed by the building industry, demands for an investigation into the assault of an Australian film crew covering the US unrest and new war crimes levels at Australia's most decorated living soldier, Ben Roberts-Smith.

File photo of Ben-Roberts Smith VC at the 2017 Anzac Dawn Service.

File photo of Ben Roberts-Smith VC, who's facing accusations he ordered the murders of two Afghan prisoners. Photo: Anadolu/AFP

10:05 Yuot A. Alaak - Father of the Lost Boys

Yuot A. Alaak's Father of the Lost Boys is the personal account of his father leading him and thousands of boy soldiers like him out of danger during Africa's longest running civil war. Set during the Second Sudanese Civil War, it follows the Lost Boys of Sudan as they fled, traveling thousands of kilometres to escape a genocidal war through rain forests, savannah and desert to reach safety in a refugee camp in Northern Kenya. Estimates are over twenty thousand South Sudanese children became soldiers.  In one province almost a quarter of primary aged children were recruited, boys and some girls. The youngest were nine years old.  Many of them were orphans or unaccompanied minors sent away to supposed safety, told "the Kalashnikov is your new mother and father". Yuot A. Alaak tells Kathryn Ryan his incredible story.

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Photo: Claire Millar Fremantle Press

10:35 Book review - Justice & Race by Oliver Sutherland

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Photo: Steele Roberts

Leilani Tamu reviews Justice & Race by Oliver Sutherland, published by Steele Roberts Aotearoa.

10:45 The Reading

Part two of Cotton-Eyed Joe by Susy Pointon, read by Michele Amas.

11:05 New music out of Australia

Music commentator Kirsten Johnstone joins Kathryn for a look at some new music from across the Ditch, including Gordi, Miiesha and Flume. 



11:20 Karen O'Leary's band releases album for children

Karen O'Leary in Wellington Paranormal

Photo: screen grab

Wellington Paranormal's Karen O'Leary plays favourites from 'Better than Normal' her debut album of childrens' songs  from her band Fun & Funner.

Featuring songs such as 'A Loveliness of Ladybirds' she says it's all about making sure that learning can be fun.  After presenting 'Karen's House' on the home learning TV offering 'Papa Kāinga' during lockdown, the early childhood teacher still has a busy schedule in front of her with filming of series 3 of the comedy TV series Wellington Paranormal about to start in the next few weeks.

11:45 NZ blackcurrants berry good for sports performance

The health benefits of blackcurrants have been studied for years - now New Zealand scientists have found they can improve sports performance. Plant and Food Research has spent ten years looking into Adaptive New Zealand blackcurrants, which have high concentrations of anthocyanins. Dr Roger Hurst from Plant and Food Research joins Kathryn to detail what he's found.

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Photo: Plant and Food Research