09:05 Is fear fueling the economic impact of coronavirus?

An expert in disaster economics believes fear is needlessly fueling the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak. Statistics from China indicate that about  2 per cent  of people infected with the new virus have died, suggesting it may be deadlier than seasonal flu but less deadly than SARS, which killed about 10 per cent of infected individuals. Ilan Noy is a professor of economics at Victoria University in Wellington and the Chair in the Economics of Disasters. He believes panic over coronavirus is disproportionate to the actual epidemic - but is having a big impact on the global service and tourism sectors, as well as global supply chains.

Medical staff member (left) being disinfected by a colleague before leaving a quarantine zone converted from a hotel in Wuhan, 3 February 2020.

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09:25 Reducing the nation's litter

Keep New Zealand Beautiful CEO, Heather Saunderson has a simple message  - do the right thing and responsibly dispose of litter, but she tells Kathryn that it is also important to understand the mechanics of how and why people litter.

Keep New Zealand Beautiful

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09:45 Scott Morrison struggles on climate

Australia correspondent Bernard Keane looks at the rebellion of climate denialists in minor coalition party the Nationals, who are trying to destabilise the government and overthrow their own leader. Scott Morrison has continued to struggle on climate - he's paved the way for an expansion of gas and to fund a study on a new coal-fired plant in Queensland.

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10:05 KeepCup: Combating coffee waste one cup at a time

Abigail Forsyth's light bulb moment came as she heated milk in her daughter's sippy cup. She imagined the waste that would be created if her daughter used a disposable cup and then discarded it. If that was wasteful, why was she doing it twice a day with her coffee? Abigail joins Kathryn to talk about how that thought led to the KeepCup - a sturdy, reusable cup that's sold in more than 65 countries around the world and helps divert millions of disposable cups from landfill every day.

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10:35 Book review - Social Media by Mary Macpherson

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Photo: The Cuba Press

Harry Ricketts reviews Social Media by Mary Macpherson, a New Zealand poetry collection published by The Cuba Press.

10:45 The Reading

MANHUNT by Owen Marshall read by Jed Brophy (Broadcast only, no online reproduction) Pt 2 of 2

11:05 Music with Charlotte Ryan

Music 101 host Charlotte Ryan features music from an upcoming local compilation inspired by the poems of Katherine Mansfield, and talks about forthcoming album releases from Tami Neilson and Nadia Reid. 

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11:20 Is your cat in pain?

Cats are known to be pretty stoic creatures but there's now a new clinical tool to help diagnose feline pain. It is called the Grimace Scale and was recently developed in Canada by a professor of veterinary anaethesia and analgesia, Paulo Steagall. Kathryn talks to Feline Medicine Specialist, Carolyn O'Brien, who is using the Grimace Scale at her practice, Melbourne Cat Vets.

The Feline Grimace Scale

The Feline Grimace Scale Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Paulo Steagall


11:45 Wildfire science, solar system secrets and ocean acidification

Science commentator Kathy Campbell joins Kathryn to talk about wildfire science, does 'fire suppression' really work? Can fire really be managed? She'll also talk about what fragments of the 1969 Murchison meteorite that hit Australia is telling scientists and what effect increased CO2 levels are having on sea life in the world's oceans. 

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