09:05 Fresh New Zealand First Foundation revelations

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Following allegations that New Zealand First has been using a foundation to hide donations, the media outlet Stuff, is reporting that the foundation has received more than $500,000 in donations, with some donors believing  they were giving money to the party, not the foundation. It also reports that the NZ First Foundation has lent the party nearly $200,000 dollars since the last election. The leader Winston Peters says his party has done nothing wrong, and has acted within the law. Kathryn Ryan talks to Andrew Geddis, a Professor of Public Law at the University of Otago, specialising in electoral law and political commentators Matthew Hooton and Mike Williams.

09:20 Advances in water treatment and reducing pollutants

Organisers say the vigil was about raising awareness of safeguarding drinking water.

Photo: RNZ / Jemma Brackebush

Strategies to stop the degradation of waterways and improve drinking water quality, a US-New Zealand collaboration aims to improve water quality and make advances in water treatment options.  The Havelock North water crisis spotlighted what can happen when drinking water quality is insecure. The campylobacter contamination affected the town's drinking-water supply, causing thousands of people to become violently ill, and it was linked to three deaths. Dr Lokesh Padhye is from the University of Auckland's environmental engineering division, and from the department of chemical engineering at MIT in Massachusetts, Professor Alan Hatton.

09:45 UK 'fact checking' row & Prince Andrew 'steps back from duties'

UK correspondent Harriet Line joins Kathryn for a look at how the election campaign is progressing - including the controversy over the Tory party portraying itself into a fact-checking service during the debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. She'll also talk about Prince Andrew announcing this morning he'll be stepping back from public duties in the wake of his widely-panned interview about his friendship with paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein. 

10:05 Danny Ing - from Te Puke High School to software development millionaire

Danny Ing is the founder of Start-up Cin7. The Auckland based connected inventory management company has recently sold a majority stake to US firm, Rubicon Technology Partners. The deal exceeds $100 million dollars. Danny Ing talks to Kathryn about the genesis of his start-up, and his work ethic, which flowed from helping out at his parent's Te Puke takeaway after they arrived as refugees from Vietnam.

10:35 Book review - Rugby Folklore by Matt Elliott

Dean Bedford reviews Rugby Folklore by Matt Elliott, which is published by HarperCollins New Zealand.

10:45 The Reading

Part nine of Seven Voices: Tales of Madness and Mirth by Mike Chunn, narrated by Sean Allan. (Broadcast only)

11:05 Streaming wars' new entrant and what age should you found a tech start up?

Tech correspondent Sarah Putt looks at Disney joining the "streaming wars" in New Zealand at a time of great disruption. Spotify has announced the creation of a podcasts playlist and is it really the best idea to found a tech start-up when you're young? New research suggests no.

(FILES) In this file photo taken on August 23, 2019 a Disney+ streaming service sign is pictured at the D23 Expo, billed as the "largest Disney fan event in the world," at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

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11:25 Glue ear and speech development

Speech and language therapist Christian Wright discusses the impact on speech development in children of glue ear.
Glue ear is the build up of sticky fluid in the middle ear which can cause hearing loss. It's estimated 80 per cent of children will have had one episode of glue ear by the time they're 10 years old. Thousands of children each year have surgery, where ventilation tubes or grommets are inserted.

11:45 The Crown, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, Charlie's Angels

Film and TV reviewer James Croot looks at the third season of The Crown with Olivia Coleman in the main role, a new National Geographic series starring Jeff Goldblum and the new reboot of Charlie's Angels starring Kristen Stewart.

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