09:05 Big financial players' climate change call

Leading investment funds and banks are committing to re-design the financial system, to combat the risks of climate change and environmental degradation. A new report from the Aotearoa Circle's Sustainable Finance Forum sets out the considerable financial risk to industry and government, where climate change is concerned. Kathryn talks to the Forum's co-chairs, Matt Whineray, head of the NZ Superannuation Fund and Karen Silk, GM of Westpac's Experience Hub.

Tree growing on pile of golden coins, growth business finance investment and Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR practice and sustainable development concept idea.


09:25 Bird brained? Why memory matters for toutouwai

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Victoria University researcher Rachel Shaw has looked at the behaviour of the toutouwai - the New Zealand robin. The bird is the only animal in New Zealand that handles food, and saves it for later. Her research suggests male robins who are better at remembering where they've hidden their next meal, also raise more chicks per nest, and feed them larger prey.

Dr Shaw will be sharing her knowledge about bird brains and what they tell us about the evolution of intelligence at an up coming talk in New Plymouth, as part of a series of lectures celebrating Marsden funding.

Rachel Shaw

Rachel Shaw Photo: Royal Society Te Apārangi

09:45 Lorry deaths, Grenfell report and is Brexit the main UK election theme?

UK correspondent Kate Adie look at how the deaths of 39 Vietnamese in a lorry trailer has raised the subject of illegal immigration and a lack of border controls. She'll also talk to Kathryn about the official inquiry into the Grenfell Tower disaster and what reaction there's been to the announcement yesterday of a pre-Christmas election.

Members of the emergency services work on the middle floors of the charred remnains of the Grenfell Tower block in Kensington, west London, on June 17, 2017, follwing the June 14 fire at the residential building.

Photo: AFP

10:05 Making Happy Memories: Meik Wiking

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Best-selling author Danish author Meik Wiking, famous for the best-selling Little Book of Hygge - The Danish Way to Live Well has a new book out:  The Art Of Making Memories: How To Create And Remember Happy Moments, written after researching a thousand people's most happy memory, which in turn helped him pinpoint the six ingredients vital for making happy memories. Meik set up Denmark's Happiness Research Institute and is is member of the policy advisory group for the Global Happiness Policy Report.  Meik speaks with Kathryn Ryan about the moments we remember as our happiest, the moments that define our lives, and how to create new ones.

10:35 Book review - The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

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Photo: Penguin Books

Ralph McAllister reviews The Testaments by Margaret Atwood, which is published by Penguin Random House. Joint winner of the Booker Prize 2019.

10:45 The Reading

Under the Influence, an essay written and read by Bill Manhire.  Episode 3 of 4. (Broadcast only, no online reproduction)

11:05 Tech woes to scare you for Halloween (and how to fix 'em)

Cybersecurity expert Tony Grasso joins Kathryn to talk about how honey traps aren't just the realm of intelligence agencies, it can happen to you to - via Facebook. He also looks at how to avoid phishing attacks, what do if you're the victim of revenge porn and how well should you protect your work laptop?

22076796 - concept of hacking or phishing a login and password with malware program

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11:25 What to do when your child is struggling to achieve

Educator and author Lance King has worked with tens of thousands of students, both here and overseas, and has seen a lot of children who are struggling to achieve at school or are lacking in self-confidence. His book, The Importance of Failing Well, aims to provide practical information for parents wanting to support their kids through their challenges.

Dad Helping Girl Struggling With Studies

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11:45 Tell Me Who I Am, The Unortho_docs and Apple TV's offerings

Film and TV reviewer Tamar Munch looks at Tell Me Who I Am, a fascinating feature documentary about an identical twin who loses his memory and is filled in by his brother - but not about the horrific details of their early life. She'll also talk to Kathryn about The Unortho_docs, a series of short docos that follow the lives and careers of eight New Zealanders chasing the American dream, and Apple TV launches this week - so what's on offer?

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