09:05  ICCC report: farmers to pay for (some of their) emissions by 2025

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Photo: RNZ/Susan Murray

Dr Harry Clark, the director of the NZ Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre and a member of the ICCC talks to Kathryn Ryan about the ICCC report, advancements in technology to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, farmers attitudes to climate change, and a major initiative getting underway today to lay out options for reducing on-farm emissions without compromising profitability.

The public now has one month to give the Government their feedback  on the ICCC proposals, with public information sessions being held around the country from 22nd July to 7th August.

Meanwhile a new website will go live today with information and three short, easy-to-understand videos that explain some of the science behind climate change and discuss current and possible future options for reducing on-farm GHG emissions.

09:20 Should pokies be funding your local kindergarten?

Professor Peter Adams is posing that question as a way to get people thinking about how the community sector is being propped up by the proceeds of gambling. Once gambling was commercialised it literally became big business - some $2 billion is generated from casinos, pokies and Lotto in New Zealand. Professor Adams is associate director for the Centre for Addiction Research at the University of Auckland, and says we need to find another way to fund schools, charities, sports and cultural organisations that's not profiting off people's misery.

Professor Adams will be giving a lecture on this topic as part of the University of Auckland's Winter Lecture Series. You can find out more here.

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09:45 State's cladding solution and unis links to China queried

Australia correspondent Chris Niesche joins Kathryn to talk about how one state is coming to the rescue of apartment owners over the issue of flammable cladding. Two universities are under fire after allegations research links them with human rights abuses in China and there's a push to recognise indigenous Australians in the constitution. 

Close up view of the exterior of the Grenfell Tower block of flats in which at least 80 people lost their lives in a fire. In the Australian state of Victoria $600m is being used to fund remedial work.

Close up view of the exterior of the Grenfell Tower block of flats in which at least 80 people lost their lives in a fire. In the Australian state of Victoria $600m is being used to fund remedial work. Photo: 123RF

10:05 Deborah Moggach: The Carer

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Much loved British author of nineteen novels, and BAFTA winning screenwriter, the talent behind the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Deborah Moggach OBE tells Kathryn Ryan about her latest novel, The Carer.  Exploring attitudes towards the elderly and asking who should have the responsibility of looking after them.  The Carer tells of sixty-something siblings Robert and Phoebe, whose elderly father James needs full-time help.  They engage Mandy to take him off their hands. But as James regales his family with tales of Mandy's virtues, their shopping trips, and the shared pleasure of their journeys to garden centres, Phoebe and Robert sense something is amiss. Is this really their father, the distant figure who never once turned up for a sports day, now happily chortling over cuckoo clocks and television soaps?

10:35 Book review - Moonlight Sonata by Eileen Merriman

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Photo: Penguin Random House

Louise O'Brien, from quarterly review periodical New Zealand Review of Books Pukapuka Aotearoa, reviews Moonlight Sonata by Eileen Merriman. This novel is published by Penguin Random House.

10:45 The Reading

A short story from the RNZ Auckland University Writers season - Whatu Ngarongaro He Tangata, Toitu He Whenua - Man Disappears but the Land Remains by Carolyn Cossey told by Jim Moriarty

11:05 Music With Elliott Childs

Music reviewer Elliott Childs looks at the music films on offer at the New Zealand International Film Festival, including Carmine Street Guitars, about Rick Kelly and his workshop in New York where he builds guitars from old city buildings. He'll also talk about Mystify: Michael Hutchence, which is a documentary featuring unseen footage of the late INXS singer and The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash.

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11:20 How to build a better brand

What makes a really good brand - and which Kiwi companies have nailed it? Steve Bayliss should know - he's been involved in marketing for years for some of New Zealand's highest-profile companies - including Air New Zealand and Foodstuffs. He's written a book called  "Branded Culture" which he hopes will help people build better brands and has taken on a new challenge as Sky's chief marketing officer. He joins Kathryn to talk about his book and what makes a great marketing campaign.

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11:45 Brain implants and anxious allergies

Science correspondent Malvindar Singh-Bains joins Kathryn to talk about a brain implant that helped six blind people get partial sight restored and there may be a hidden link between seasonal sniffles and mood disorders.

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