09:05 Parole figures "an indictment"

Paremoremo Prison's ward in the new wing.

Paremoremo Prison's ward in the new wing. Photo: RNZ/Jessie Chiang

A former member of the Parole Board says figures showing only one in five parole hearings result in release, are an indictment on the corrections system. Figures released to Nine to Noon by the Department of Corrections show that in the 2016/2017 year, there were 5503 parole hearings, but only just over 12 hundred were approved. Kathryn talks with Lesley Campbell who was on the Parole Board for six years until 2016, and had 20+ years with the Probation Service before that. She says rehabilitation needs to be a fundamental and a well resourced requirement of any prison sentence, and the figures are alarming. Whangarei parole lawyer Sue Earl agrees, saying Corrections is not prioritising rehabilitation.

09:20 Urban wildlife in cities that never sleep

What happens to urban wildlife in cities that never sleep?, Dr Therésa Jones from the Urban Night Lab at the University of Melbourne on the fascinating adaptive behaviour of a range of animals, including birds, marsupials and insects.

St Matthews urban light

St Matthews urban light Photo: Glenda Wakeham

09:45 Spotlight on South America

Katy Watson reports from Brazil, where a far right presidential candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, (pictured)  has been seriously injured after being stabbed during a campaign event. Also, the man who leads the polls is the former President Lula da Silva - but last week the top electoral court barred him from running because he's serving a prison sentence for corruption. 

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Photo: Suamy Beydoun/AGIF

10:05 Dancing towards an accessible future

For more than twenty years Touch Compass has been challenging people's ideas of what dance is and who can do it. Kathryn Ryan talks to its founder and artistic director, Catherine Chappell and one of the dancers, Jesse Johnstone-Steele, who has Down syndrome and has been with them since 1997. Catherine Chappell says she is proud of all the progress Touch Compass has made over the decades but hopes that one day, the company won't need to be described as an "inclusive" dance company.

Details for their in motion event.

10:35 Book review - Sex & Rage by Eve Babitz

Kiran Dass from Timeout bookstore reviews Sex & Rage by Eve Babitz which is published by Canongate

10:45 The Reading

Landings by Jenny Pattrick read by Martyn Sanderson and Stuart Devenie Episode 1 of 15

No webrights for this series (2008)

11:05 Let's get political, Hooton & Mills

Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills on the Prime Minister's handling of the Clare Curran controversy, including her demotion and subsequent resignation from her portfolios. Also, a look at the refugee quota issue, which has featured on the agenda at the Pacific Leaders Forum in Nauru.

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Photo: RNZ

Matthew Hooton is the managing director of the PR and lobbying firm, Exceltium. Stephen Mills is the executive director of UMR Research and former political adviser to two Labour governments. 

11:30 Poke, drawing on Pacific heritage

Influenced by the raw fish dishes of their heritage, two young Aucklanders are dishing up Polynesian Poke at their CBD food outlet,  ika bowl .Ra Beazley and Navi Singh started their business with their mate Hutu six months ago. 

11:45 Great Barrier Island's Windy Hill Sanctuary

Kennedy Warne has been visiting the Windy Hill Sanctuary on Great Barrier Island, where the focus is on eliminating rats and encouraging the return of lizards, weta, birds and flourishing forest. Also a kowhai poem, written by ARD Fairburn.