09:05 'Unprecedented' run of hot weather

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Photo: RNZ / Ian Telfer

This summer, hot, dry weather has arrived earlier than usual, causing fears of drought in regions right across the country, including ones that aren't normally affected. MetService says the long run of hot weather at this time of year is unprecedented, and it's not going away anytime soon. The parched weather has got farmers worried about having enough feed to carry through to the summer, while some growers who rely on irrigation, water reserves and acquiers have gone into rationing already. Lynn Freeman talks to MetService meteorologist Erick Brenstrum, Horticulture New Zealand president Julian Raine, and Federated Farmers' Central High Country representative Andrew Patterson.

09:15 Effect of climate change on our weather

Farmers worried early summer highs could spell drought: RNZ Checkpoint

Farmers worried early summer highs could spell drought: RNZ Checkpoint Photo: RNZ / YouTube

Dr Sam Dean is the chief scientist for climate change at NIWA, he presented a report to Auckland Council yesterday which he refers to as the "encyclopedia" of climate change for Auckland. In it, he details how much hotter and how many more flash floods the region will experience - the number of hot days, (days with temperatures above 25°C), could quadruple and average temperatures increase over the next century. He also has a picture for the rest of the country - and what La Niña could spell for the regions.

09:20 Supporting junior doctors

Jonathan Albrett

Jonathan Albrett Photo: Jonathan Albrett

Dr Jonathan Albrett has been awarded Australasian Clinical Educator of the Year for his First Year Doctors Acute Skills Teaching Programme. It's further good news for Taranaki DHB, which ranks as the second most preferred hospital for graduating doctors. Jonathan tells Lynn Freeman he established this course to help bridge a gap in confidence between medical school and first year doctors being left in sole charge of patients on the ward particularly those who might suddenly deteriorate.  He spotted the area of need during his own first year as a junior doctor.

09:45 UK correspondent Matt Dathan

Brexit hits yet another major snag, terror's in the spotlight after a plot to kill the Prime Minister is revealed and a fight in one of Parliament's booziest bars thrusts the light back on Westminster's problem with drinking and cheap booze.

10:05 Rick Stein - The Road to Mexico

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Photo: James Murphy

British celebrity chef, restaurateur, cookery book author and television presenter Rick Stein found fame with his Seafood Restaurants in the the Cornish seaside village of Padstow.   He speaks to Lynn Freeman about his latest cook book "The Road to Mexico", a big beautiful book accompanying a new television series of the same name, which cooks up a Mexican fiesta of food. In this culinary guide Rick starts off in San Francisco, before eating and drinking his way through 120 recipes all the way down to the southern-most tip of Mexico. You'll find Rick's recipe for Escanada Fish Tacos here.

10:35 Book review

Dean Bedford reviews Drawn Out by Tom Scott, published by Allen & Unwin.

10:45 The Reading

The Play of Light  by Fiona Farrell read by Janet Fisher  (Part 4 of 5)

11:05 New Technology with Jordan Carter

The new CEO of Internet New Zealand, Jordan Carter, discusses the tech agenda facing the new government, Sky and site blocking of websites that carry pirated material; and crystal ball gazing  - why soon we'll all be buying gigabit fibre.

11:25 Erin Donohue: understanding teenage mental illness

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Lynn Freeman speaks to a first time author whose book is being read by parents and teenagers alike.  22 year old Erin Donohue's Because Everything is Right but Everything is Wrong throws the spotlight on a fictional  boy in his final year of high school who is struggling with anxiety and depression. The book is based on Erin's own teenage experience of mental health treatments for anorexia. Demand for child and adolescent mental health services has risen by about 30% in the last five years, and Erin's hope is her book will help friends and family understand mental illness a little bit more.

11:45 Viewing with Sarah McMullan

Sarah McMullan has been watching Mum and Ten Days in the Valley on Lightbox, plus two movies: Better Watch Out and The Disaster Artist



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