09:05 Treasury report "a Pearl Harbour attack"

Senior specialists at the Canterbury District Health Board have come out in strong support of the DHB's board and management in the war of words with the government. This follows a scathing report by Treasury published without warning on its website last week, accusing the board of ineffective financial management, and using manipulative strategies to gain additional funding.

Kathryn Ryan talks to Christchurch Hospitals' Medical Staff Association deputy chair Dr Alistair Humphrey, who has likened the Treasury documents to a 'Pearl Harbour' attack.

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09:20 The Future of Encryption

With the UK and Australia taking steps to restrict the use of encryption, will New Zealand follow suit? InternetNZ has recently released a position paper outlining the benefits of encryption and the risks in proposals to restrict its use. Kathryn Ryan talks to InternetNZ's chief executive Jordan Carter.

09:30 The Super Smell Sensor

New Zealand scientists are using special smell sensing proteins harvested from the cloned cells of insect antennae to develope a super smell sensor. They hope to use them as part of a device which could be use to detect everything from the ripeness of fruit, to algae in drinking water and signatures of disease in human breath. Kathryn Ryan talks to Dr Andrew Kralicek, the head of Plant and Food Research's molecular sensing team which is working to develop the sensor

A close up of a bee's head and antennae

A close up of a bee's head and antennae Photo: Creative Commons

09:45 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton

Why two Green MPS have been forced out of parliament and a new security super ministry to be headed by the immigration minister Peter Dutton.

10:05 A history of sugar, from slavery to obesity

James Walvin.

James Walvin. Photo: Supplied

Kathryn Ryan talks to historian and author, James Walvin. His latest book, Sugar, tracks sugar through the ages – from slavery on plantations to global obesity. James Walvin is an emeritus Professor of History from the University of York. He has written or edited more than 30 books, and much of his work has been on the history of slavery and the slave trade, but he's also written about the history of football.

10:35 Book review

Louise O'Brien reviews Home: New Writing edited by Thom Conroy Massey University

10:45 The Reading

Note: the current reading is not available for download.

11:05 Music with Tony Stamp

Tony Stamp from RNZ's Music 101 programme features the best music from the NZ International Film Festival

11:20 Enterprising conservation: Papa Taiao Earthcare

Founder Marty Taylor talks to Kathryn Ryan about his sustainability and ecological restoration training organisation Papa Taiao Earthcare. Here, secondary school students lead social, cultural and environmental projects while learning practical earthcare and enterprising skills in fields such as oyster farming, translocation of native birds and possum trapping. Kathryn is also joined by Papa Taiao Earthcare students Alyssa Cribb and Pepi Griffiths.

11:45 Arts commentator Courtney Johnston

Art via text message, new textile art in Wellington, and marking the passing of Cliff Whiting and Guy Ngan.

Text for Happiness. Or Sadness. Get Art Back - New York Times

Namesake at Enjoy Public Art Gallery

Cliff Whiting: A vibrant presence - Ta Tipene O'Regan

Obituary of Guy Ngan - Stuff.co.nz