09:05 London fire: questions over cladding

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Many questions are being asked around dangerous flammable cladding following the horrific fire in London, which has so far been confirmed to have claimed 12 lives, with the death toll expected to rise. Kathryn Ryan talks with Jon O'Neill, from Britain's national fire safety organisation. He says there was a catastrophic failure of the cladding, which is used on buildings around the world.

09:20 Auckland tenants stung for landlords' water fees 

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A tenant advocate and a lobby group for landlords are calling for an overhaul to Auckland's confusing system for allocating water rates. Under the current system, tenants pay the metered rate of water while landlords are liable for a fixed connection charge of about two hundred dollars a year. But in many cases landlords are passing the fixed part of the rates on to tenants - often not realising they are meant to pay it. Kathryn Ryan speaks to Andrew King, chief executive of the Property Investors' Federation and to Iain Davies, a budgeting advisor at Care Waitakere Trust.

09:20 Make way for the fourth industrial revolution

Head of the World Economic Forum's society and innovation department Nicholas Davis recently spoke at CeBIT Australia, the largest business technology event in the Asia Pacific

Head of the World Economic Forum's society and innovation department Nicholas Davis recently spoke at CeBIT Australia, the largest business technology event in the Asia Pacific Photo: Supplied / CeBIT Australia

When will the future arrive? According to the World Economic Forum we are already in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution... It's been dubbed the 'rise of the machines', but is the digital takeover here to steal our jobs, or help us move forward? Nicholas Davis, who is the head of the WEF society and innovation department talks to Kathryn Ryan about the potential consequences of the physical, digital and biological worlds merging.

09:45 UK correspondent

Kate Adie with the latest on the Grenfell Tower fire in West London, and more fall-out from last Friday's disastrous general election result for PM Theresa May.

10:05 Seth Goldman: reinventing the meat aisle with plant protein

Executive Chairman of Beyond Meat, Seth Goldman.

Executive Chairman of Beyond Meat, Seth Goldman. Photo: Supplied / Beyond Meat

Seth Goldman is executive chairman of Beyond Meat, and before that the co-founder of successful organic drinks company Honest Tea. Beyond Meat is the first plant-based burger patty to be sold in the meat aisle of America's Whole Foods supermarket chain. In fact, his mission is to redefine the meat aisle as the "chicken, cow and plant protein section" of the supermarket. For Seth - who describes himself as an activist - sustainability should be more than clever marketing - it has to be ingrained in a business model.

10:35 Book review

No Middle Name by Lee Child. Published by Penguin Random House NZ.

10:45 The Reading

11:05 New technology 

Paul Matthews on artificial Intelligence coming to a court near you, Aussies rolling out mandatory privacy breach reporting, and big announcements from US tech this week.

11:25 Ben Awa: Conscious parenting

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Ben Awa leads Plunket's Improve for Change group for dads in Wainuiomata. Here fathers are working to improve relationships with their tamariki and whanau by putting into practice what Ben calls "conscious parenting".

11:45 Viewing

TV and Film writer Paul Casserly has been watching Netflix docu-series Keepers, about the unsolved murder of a nun in 1969, and TVNZ's multi night interactive tech extravaganza What Next.