09:05 Getting real about water use

As fresh water comes under increasing pressure, does farming in New Zealand need a serious rethink? Kathryn Ryan talks to Agribusiness consultant Alison Dewes and Landcorp CEO Steven Carden. 

9.30 The sky's the limit for air pollution from ships

Dr Bevan Marten

Dr Bevan Marten Photo: Supplied

Kathryn Ryan speaks to Senior Lecturer at the School of Law at Victoria University Bevan Marten, who says New Zealand needs to ratify the international agreement dealing with air pollution from ships. Currently there is no way of regulating air pollution coming from visiting vessels.

09:45 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton

How the death of cartoonist Bill Leak has launched a new debate over freedom of speech and the prospects for Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party after a spectacular defeat in Western Australia.

10:05 Charcuterie queen Rachel Priestley

Kathryn Ryan meets charcuterie queen, Rachel Priestely. She produces Italian cured meats in the Wairarapa, and owns the restaurant La Pancetta at Wakelin House in Greytown.  She's opening a plant in Greytown to process local pigs to produce an expanded range of pork products.

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Photo: supplied

10:35 Book review

Harry Ricketts reviews Fully clothed and so forgetful by  Hannah Mettner
Publisher: VUP / Upstart Distribution 

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Music with Charlotte

Charlotte Ryan talks "Blondie" this morning ahead of their NZ show next month. She will not only feature a classic Blondie - but introduce us to a brand new new single from the band too. 

11:20 What makes an effective environmental protest ?

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Photo: Bung the bore

Graeme Wynn is an expert on environmental activism, he talks to Kathryn Ryan about the best ways to make your voice heard.

11:45 Legal commentator Andrew Scott Howman

We often read about cases where an employee has failed to do the right thing - and has been punished by the Courts as a result. But what about where an employee does nothing wrong - but stands by and fails to do something right? Should an employee be liable to lose their job for failing to take action in the workplace?

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