09:05 Temporary reprieve over 'private data for funding' contracts

The government will delay contracts requiring sexual violence NGOs to hand over their clients private details.
But the organisation which represents the sector says that's not good enough. The Minister for Social Development, Anne Tolley, has now directed the ministry to delay the implementation of the contracts for groups working with sexual violence victims while it works out how to securely collect and store their clients' private data. Brenda Pilott is from ComVoices, a group which represents the NGO sector.

09:15 Shakti Wellington Refuge 'struggling to cope'

no caption

Photo: Shakti Wellington

Shakti Wellington opened a refuge in 2014 after the murders of two migrant women in the city due to domestic violence - Sarwan Lata Singh and Mei Fan. In 2016 it helped over 350 women, with over 200 referrals coming from the police.  Advocates say with a growing migrant population and their safe house at capacity they need more funding. Wendy Vyas is Shakti's national advocacy co-ordinator based in Auckland.

09:30 Brain science: did 'Inside Out' get it right? 

Neuro-scientist Blake Porter, a PhD student at the University of Otago, talks to Nine to Noon about the science behind the Inside Out movie.

09:45 UK correspondent Matthew Parris

Parliamentary shenanigans with Brexit, all hurdles now cleared, but when will Theresa May jump, and anxious eyes on the Dutch election today.

10:05  The Greatest Story Ever Told ...so far

Lawrence Krauss

Lawrence Krauss Photo: supplied

Theoretical physicist, Lawrence Krauss on why we are all here, and how humanity has reached its current understanding of the universe. His latest book The Greatest Story Ever Told - so far, explores how humanity has reached its current understanding of the universe. Lawrence Krauss connects the world we experience with the invisible world around us. He will be in a guest speaker at the Auckland Writers Festival in May.

10:35 Book review

Sonja de Friez reviews The Fifth letter by Nicola Moriarty
Publisher: HarperCollins

10:45 The Reading

11:05 New technology with Robbie Allan

The brewing legal storm between Uber and Google.

Russell Smith - Mates and Dates

11:25 Parenting - Mates and Dates

How well are we teaching high school students about consent?  Russell Smith talks to Lynn Freeman about Mates and Dates - the high school programme he helped found which aims to tackle attitudes towards relationships, consent and sex. He also suggests ways parents might be able to help their children with issues around consent.





11:45 Viewing with Tamar Munch

The return of David Tennant and Olivia Coleman in the third season of Broadchurch, and hit British comedy series Fleabag.


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