09:05 Police target seatbelts, drink driving and speed

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Photo: RNZ/ Tracy Neale

As kiwis hit the roads this summer, the police say they'll be targetting seatbelts, drink driving and speed. Kathryn Ryan talks with Otago Lakes road policing manager Senior Sergeant Glenn Wilkinson.

09:15 Coping with an increased risk of quakes

GNS Principal Scientist, Dr Kelvin Berryman talks to Kathryn Ryan about what it means to be living in a period of heightened seismicity & lessons we're learning from Kaikoura.

09:30 Brothers making mayoral history

Kathryn Ryan talks with Bryan and Tim Cadogan who made history in this year's local body elections when they each won the mayoralty in neighbouring districts: Clutha and Central Otago.

09:45 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton

How the mid-year budget update has plunged yet another dagger into the political heart of Tony Abbott.


10:05 Michael Lewis: The Undoing Project

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Photo: Tabitha Soren

Kathryn talks with US non-fiction writer Michael Lewis, about his latest book The Undoing Project. Lewis is the author of 14 books including the global best selling Flash BoysThe Big Short and Moneyball, the story of a maverick outsider who beat the system. His latest book explores the professional and personal relationship between the behavioral psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky whose work shed new light on how humans make decisions when faced with risk and uncertainty.

10:35 NZ Books Review - "Keel & Drift" by Adrienne Jansen

Reviewed by Harry Ricketts, published by Landing Press.

10:45 The Reading

Flight, a short story by Karen Goa, read by Dra McKay.

11:05 Marty Duda's faves

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Photo: RNZ/ Jeremy Ansell

Marty Duda ends the year with musical favourites he's produced.

11:20 Racing the Boys: the story of Granny MacDonald 

Author Jaqueline Dinan talks to Kathryn Ryan about the swearing, smoking, drinking horse trainer from Hawkes Bay -who became the first woman to win the Melbourne Cup - Granny MacDonald 

Granny McDonald with her husband, jockey Allan McDonald, and Catalogue, which won the 1938 Melbourne Cup

Photo: Public Domain

11:45 Legal commentator Anne Stevens

Criminal lawyer Anne Stevens talks about the legal implications of a new plan by the police to monitor the sewerage system in Auckland and Christchurch for traces of drugs.