09:05   Post-quake insurance woes for buyers and sellers

What are the possible fish hooks for home buyers looking for insurance in the aftermath of the big Kaikoura shake? Kathryn Ryan talks to Sam Mc Intyre from Tall Poppy real estate as well as Dean MacGregor, the Executive Manager of Insurance Australia Group about the impact of the 7.8 quake on home, contents and commercial insurance in the Lower North Island and Upper South Island regions.

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09:20 Marine Scientist Ceridwen Fraser on the impact of coastal uplift from 7.8 quake

Kathryn Ryan speaks to Australian marine scientist  Ceridwen Fraser who has made a weekend dash over here for the scientific opportunity of a lifetime - to study the uplift of the North East coastline following last week's 7 point 8 earthquake. Her specialty is the Antarctic and she is currently wrapping up research on how the icy continent's volcanes have formed warm oases for plants and animals.

09:30 Te Papa to build $6m new art gallery

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Te Papa is to build a new art gallery within the museum to show more of the national art collection, plus new works.
It's the first stage of a series of changes to permanent exhibits which have been in the museum since it opened 18 years ago. Kathryn Ryan speaks with Te Papa's Head of Art Charlotte Davy.

09:45 South America correspondent Joel Richards

Joel Richards on how Trump's election victory is being viewed in Latin America and what the impact of increased protection might have in the region. And the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit was just held in Peru... so what role might China's role in Latin America be given the outcome of the US election.

10:05 The sabotage that stopped Hitler from building a nuclear bomb

Damien Lewis

Damien Lewis Photo: Supplied

Author Damien Lewis has been telling stories and producing documentaries about war and conflict zones for the last two decades, but it is a key event in the Second World War that is the subject of his latest book. Kathryn Ryan speaks to him about Hunting Hitler's Nukes - the dramatisation of the race to stop the Nazis from building an atomic bomb, by stopping them from acquiring the "heavy water" needed to make atomic weapons.

10:35 Book review

"The Lonely Planet Travel Anthology" by Lily King, Pico Iyer, Ann Patchett, Rebecca Dinerstein, Natalie Baszile, Francine Prose, T C Boyle; reviewed by Jane Westaway.

10:45 The Reading

The Party Line by Sue Orr read by Miriama Mc Dowell  (Part 1 of 10)

11:05 Political commentators Stephen Mills & Matthew Hooton

11:30 Real sweet pies with Dough Momma

Kathryn Ryan meets Brandie Stephens, the founder of Wellington's Dough Momma, producer of American-style sweet pies. Brandie started making the pies after moving to Wellington from upstate New York, and missing pies from home. With Thanksgiving coming up, she'll share her recipe for Sweet Potato Pie.

11:45 Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne

Kennedy Warne tells Kathryn Ryan about guiding a National Geographic Expeditions tour group through the country; from Tiritiri Island to Doubtful Sound.