09:05 Govt responds on surgical mesh

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Recommendations on surgical mesh have been accepted by the Government, but there's still no guarantee its use - which can cause devastating health problems - will be monitored. The Minister of Health Jonathan Coleman has announced the Government accepts all the recommendations of the Health Select committee, following a two year inquiry, including measures to ensure there is informed consent for patients. Nine to Noon talks to mesh campaigner Charlotte Korte, who successfully lobbied for the inquiry to be held.

09:20 Cut price medical treatment for those in need

Luigi Sussman

Luigi Sussman Photo: Credit NZ Doctor

Auckland Regional Charity Hospital is helping around 50 people a year who aren't considered sick enough to be treated in the public system, and it has capacity to help more patients from around the country. They may need surgery, or treatment that can improve their quality of life, or get them back to work. Dr Luigi Sussman is a surgeon and he is the director of the Auckland Regional Charity Hospital.

09:35 Project Glow Wear

While people are encouraged to ditch the car for their daily commute those walking or cycling are at risk if they can't be seen by vehicles.Greater Wellington Regional Council figures show most cyclists are hit at peak times because they weren't seen by drivers and pedestrians wearing dark clothing is among factors for fatal crashes.With that in mind, the council has just hosted a design competition - Project Glow Wear - which features clothing, coats and accessories using materials which reflect light, so they are better seen in the dark. GWRC's Manager of Sustainable Transport Melanie Thornton and winner of the Arrow Uniform's Commercial Viability Award Kataraina Filer from Stokes Valley.

09:45 UK Correspondent Matt Dathan

Matt Dathan reports from the UK

10:05 Keeping track of time

Kevin Karney is an expert in cosmology and has a special interest in timekeeping and the art and science of sundials who has been in New Zealand on a lecture tour sponsored by the Australian and New Zealand Associations of Decorative & Fine Arts.In an age where every second is counted and people's lives run to tight schedules framed by time, what is the story behind how humans began keeping track of time?

10:35 Book review - Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan   

Reviewed by Catriona Ferguson, published by Penguin Random House

10:45 The Reading

Hell Hound, a short story by Susy Pointon read by Helen Jones.

11:05 Technology for good: Find Your Billion

Nine to Noon talks to award-winning educational innovator Chris Clay, about Find Your Billion, a series of free workshops getting young people involved in cutting-edge technologies to help others. The workshops are part of the Singularity University New Zealand summit, where where tech experts, thinkers and entrepreneurs from around the world will gather in Christchurch to dicuss the potential of exponentially accelerating technologies. We also talk with Margaux Giles, teenage co-founder of Disaster Mesh, who completed a similar workshop in the United States.

11:25 Parenting: Dealing with Disability

Having a child diagnosed with a serious disability can be a life-changing moment for parents. The experience can be socially isolating and families and friends can sometimes struggle to know how to best respond. Tessa Prebble is a Wellington highschool teacher who's trying to make the experience easier on parents though her podcast, The One in A Million Baby.

11:45 Viewing with Lara Strongman

Lara Strongman reviews the Hillary series on TV One and Real Housewives of Auckland on Bravo