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09:05 Nurses say Children's Teams under-resourced

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation says the new Children's Teams intended to help at risk kids are suffering critical shortage of funding. In Waikato it says funding was provided for one full time position spread across 28 public health nurses - but the actual amount of work has been almost triple what was predicted. Nine to Noon has previously spoken to a local NGO which has also raised concerns about under-resourcing.


09:20 Millions not being claimed in tax credits on school donations

A charities and tax expert says parents are paying millions of dollars in school donations without claiming back tax credits. Under tax law, 33 per cent of school donations can be paid back to the donor in cash by Inland Revenue.
But charities and tax expert Michael Gousmett believes many parents are not claiming what they're eligible for. He talks to Kathryn Ryan about what he's found, along with Allan Vester is the Chairman of the Secondary Principals' Council.

09:30 Turkey reels from coup attempt

Buzzfeed's Borzou Deragahi is in Istanbul and reports on the fallout from this weekend's attempted coup against President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan  

09:45 South America correspondent Joel Richards

10:05  Seeing the world through animal eyes

Dr Temple Grandin of Colorado State University is a prominent autism educator, animal-rights advocate,  livestock-equipment designer and an accidental fashion icon. She has a unique ability to understand the animal mind, in particular, cows. She's convinced it's all down to her autistic brain. In the 2010 she was the subject of the award-winning semi-biographical film Temple Grandin staring Clare Danes.

10:35 Book review- Belgravia by Julian Fellowes   
reviewed by Leah McFall, published by Hachette

10:45 The Reading
When We Wake by Karen Healy, read by Francesca Emms  (Part 6 of 12)

11:05 Political commentators Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills

Matthew and Stephen discuss the ongoing housing crisis in Auckland and threats of a trade war with China 

11:30 How to grow almonds

Riverina almonds in Marlborough has been a 30 year labour of love for Gill Smith and Graham Farnell.
The pioneering orchardists developed their 11 hectare property in the Blenheim hinterland from scratch. They've developed it into a commerical almond provider for the domestic market, and they also sell their nuts at the Nelson and Blenheim farmers markets.

11:45 Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne

Rising sea levels and the "Conservation and Environment Science Roadmap".

Sea level rise Marsden Point

'Marslantis'—Marsden Point as it might look with a 10-metre sea-level rise Photo: Supplied

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