18 Jul 2016

Seeing the world through animal eyes

From Nine To Noon, 10:07 am on 18 July 2016

Dr Temple Grandin, has spent 30 years fighting for  animal welfare reform by looking at livestock handling through the eyes of a cow.

Dr Temple Grandin

Dr Temple Grandin Photo: Supplied

She is also internationally famous as a spokesperson on autism, of which she has first hand experience.

At the age of two when she couldn't speak doctors thought she had "brain damage" as the diagnosis of autism was still new,

Now she's a leader in autism awareness and proof that difference doesn't mean less,

Her acclaimed work in humane livestock handling has been influenced and motivated by her condition

And her contribution to both fields (autism and animal welfare) has been so sucessful  that an HBO movie, was made about her .

Recently  the professor of animal science at Colorado State University has been in New Zealand speaking about how to see the world through animal eyes.

She talks to Kathryn Ryan.