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09:05 Call for independent inquiry into medical cannabis

Medical cannabis advocates have written an open letter calling for an independent inquiry of medicinal cannabis products  after a Ministry of Health review recommended only minor changes to how the products are regulated. The letter says the MoH review had biased methodology, misleading and deceptive scientific claims. Nine to Noon speaks to campaigner Rebecca Reider and Dr Paul Wieland - a consultant anaesthetist at Southland Hospital.

09:20 New study shows IMF still tying economic reforms to loans

A new study has found that despite the IMFs claims it has changed and no longer ties financial support to economic reforms, it still does. The International Monetary Fund's managing director Christine Lagarde has said the types of structural adjustments demanded of borrower countries is a thing of the past and "before her time". But the joint study from Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge and Waikato universities shows that conditions on loans such as the sale of state-owned-assets, restrictions on public spending and labour reforms are still prevalent.

Thomas Stubbs, a lecturer in Qualitative Sociology at the University of Waikato and research associate at the University of Cambridge.

09:45 UK Correspondent Matthew Parris

10:05 Nick Bostrom on Superintelligence and where it might end up

Nick Bostrom is a philosopher perhaps best known for his book on the potential dangers of technology singularity  and artificial intellegence; Superintelligence; Paths, Dangers, Strategies. He's twice been named by Foreign Policy magazine as one of the Top 100 global thinkers and is the founding director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University

10:35 Book review - City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin
reviewed by David Hill, published by Hachette NZ

10:45 The Reading
Fitz by Jenifer Roberts, read by Owen Scott. Part 9 of 10.

11:05 New technology with Mark Pesce

Digital Autonomous Corporations.  They’re just barely a thing now but they may very well be the way the economy operates within 20 years

11:25 Parenting - Resilient grieving, the loss of a child

Lucy Hone

Lucy Hone's 12 year old daughter Abi was killed two years ago in a Canterbury road accident, which also claimed the lives of Abi's friend Ella and Ella's mother Sally Summerfield. The triple tragedy received wide media coverage, the crash was caused by a Dutch visitor who failed to stop at a stop sign. Lucy Hone has a  Master's degree in resilience psychology. After Abi died, Lucy Hone wondered whether the resilience psychology she had been immersed in, could be applied in practical ways to deal with the trauma that she and Abi's Dad and two brothers were experiencing.Lucy Hone  has written a book called What Abi Taught Us - which tells of her own fight for sanity, as the family endured some very dark days. Photo: credit Angela Penn


11:45 TV Review with Lara Strongman

Lara Strongman has been watching the new series Why Am I? based on the Dunedin longitudinal study.



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