09:05 Councils picking up the slack for cops say mayors

18 local councils are complaining they are being left to pick up the slack from police cutbacks. The Hastings Mayor and head of Local Government New Zealand, Lawrence Yule, says local police have told him they haven't had a funding increase in five years which has forced them to consolidate their focus on more serious crimes. Nine to Noon speaks to Lawrence Yule, as well as Roly Ellis, the Mayor of Tararua District and Police deputy commissioner Grant Nicholls.

09:20 Should life saving adrenaline injectors be publicly funded?


epipen Photo: open source

There is no public funding for autoinjectors which deliver adrenaline in a single stab into muscle and the cost of 150 to 200 dollars is a significant barrier for many people who need them to have them, especially because they only have a shelf-life of 18 months from time of manufacture. Allergy New Zealand's chief executive is Mark Dixon.

09:30 Love Food Hate Waste campaign launches

The average Kiwi family wastes more than three shopping trollies of food a year. Jenny Marshall the national co-ordinator of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign wants to put a stop to it with the launch today of a three year campaign.

09:45 Australia Correspondent Peter Munroe

10:05 Alicia Kozakiewicz: Abductee now advocate

Alicia Kozakiewicz

American Alicia Kozakiewicz was 13 years old when she was abducted, imprisoned and raped by a man she met online. She now warns others about the risks of the internet and is a campaigner for 'Alicia's Law', passed in 7 states, which creates a dedicated revenue source for law enforcement units combating child sexual exploitation. She's also founder of The Alicia Project

10:35 NZ Literature Review - The Blackbird Sings at Dusk by Linda Olsson
reviewed by Louise O'Brien, published by Penguin

10:45 The Reading
Fitz by Jenifer Roberts, read by Owen Scott. Part 8 of 10.

11:05 Marty Duda's artist of the week: Into The East

Into The East are a duo from Invercargill. They are Liv McBride and Graeme Woller, both of whom sing, write songs and play a myriad of musical instruments. Best of all, their voice blend beautifully when they sing harmonies. Their first album, Fight From The Inside, was release in 2013 and was nominated for a Tui for New Zealand Folk Album of the year. Now they are back with How To Turn A Blind Eye, their stellar-sounding second album. But only briefly…they played their last show ever this week.

11:20 Real life grim tales

Grim tales is the story of how 13 survivors of domestic violence, 13 artists, and 13 writers, joined together to create folk lore style stories about domestic violence.

The stories are gritty, powerful and real, but more importantly, they are stories of hope. The book is being launched on Saturday the 25th June at The Historic Village Hall in Tauranga and are available now though  the website . All funds raised will be donated to Tauranga Women's Refuge.

11:45 Legal Commentator Ursula Cheer

New Zealand's hate speech laws.

Music played in this show

Artist: Jorge Ben
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Artist: Into The East

Song: Quiet Into The Night

Composer: Liv McBride-Graeme Woller

Album: Fight From The Inside (2013)

Label: Self-Sown

Played at: 11:10


Artist: Into The East

Song: Sand Of Stars (3:54)

Composer: Liv McBride-Graeme Woller

Album: How To Turn A Blind Eye (2016)

Label: Self-Sown

Played at: 11:15


Artist: Into The East

Song: Sense Cannot Be Made (2:55)

Composer: Liv McBride-Graeme Woller

Album: Live Recording (2014)

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Artist:  Netherworld Dancing Toys
Song:  Soul Searching
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Album:  Painted Years
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