09:05 The Government's plans for boosting uptake of electric vehicles

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The Government has unveiled its long awaited electric vehicles policy - but what real difference will it make to the uptake of EVs? The government is to investigate bulk purchasing for government and private sector fleets, to make the cars cheaper to import. It's envisioned that those cars will eventually be sold as second-hand vehicles - putting lower priced EVs into the wider market.But there's criticism that a key policy that has boosted EV ownership overseas - tax breaks for buying electric vehicles - is not among the measures included. The Transport and Energy Minister Simon Bridges says other parts of the policy will make a difference to how much EVs cost.

09:20 People power: communities and change

Tiakina o Tatau Tamariki is a community project in the Gisborne neighbourhood of Kaiti South,  where locals wanted to reduce child abuse and maltreatment by taking a very different approach.

Keeping our kids safe

Keeping our kids safe Photo: supplied

The project aimed to build trust, care and links within the neighbourhood to increase children's safety - the old idea that it takes a village to raise a child. Supported with funding from philanthropic trusts, the project has conducted regular neighbourhood surveys and collected data from government agencies. Since the project began, there's been a decrease in violent crime and substantiated child abuse notifcations. Manu Caddie was involved with the project from the beginning. He joins Kathryn, along with Seattle based Jim Diers who was the first director of Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods in 1988, and is the author of "Neighbour Power: Building Community the Seattle Way".

0930 The 'soccernomics' of Leicester City's EPL win 

How will Leicester City's victory effect the big money clubs?  Is money still the best predictor of a football team's placing? Stefan Szymanski is the author of Money and Football: A Soccernomics Guide

09:45 Asia correspondent Charlotte Glennie​

North Korea holds its first party congress in 36 years and the colourful Philippines election.

10:05 Noam Chomsky on the death of the  American Dream

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky Photo: Supplied

Famed scholar, activist and political theorist Noam Chomsky talks frankly to Nine to Noon's Katherine Ryan about politics, society and his new film, 'Requiem for the American Dream'.

Filmed over five years, the 87 year old unpacks the US policies of the past half-century which have lead to an unprecedented concentration of power in the hands of the select few.

The documentary gets its New Zealand premiere at this years Documentary Edge International Film Festival  It screens in Wellington today and on Sunday and in Auckland on  Tuesday May 24th and Saturday May 28th. 

10:35 Unity Books Review: The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone by Olivia Laing      
reviewed by Kiran Dass, published by Canongate  

10:45 The Reading
Where The Rekohu Bone Sings by Tina Makereti (Part 10 of 15)
read by Maria Walker, George Henare and Kura Forrester

11:05 New music with Grant Smithies

Grant Smithies ransacks his thesaurus for superlatives after being faced with spectacular new releases from local songwriters Roy Irwin and Joe Blossom, and gets a tad misty-eyed over an older track from Cat Power, who tours here next week.

Artist: Roy Irwin
Song: Demon's Cave
Comp: Irwin
Album: S.O.D.A.
Label: 1: 12 Records
Broadcast Time: 2'18"

Artist: Roy Irwin
Song: Broken Mind
Comp: Irwin
Album: S.O.D.A.
Label: 1: 12 Records
Broadcast Time: 3'03"

Artist: Joe Blossom
Song: The Breaking
Comp: Sean O'Brien
Album: All Of The Above
Label: Cabbage Tree Records
Broadcast Time: 4'29"

Artist: Cat Power
Song: Lived In Bars
Comp: Chan Marshall
Album: The Greatest
Label: Matador
Broadcast Time: 3'44"

11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

11:45 The week that was with Te Radar and Alice Brine